Repair Your Roland VP540 and Other Expensive Equipment

I post this instructable for those who are sick of the extreme high price for spare parts that are not suppose to fail in the first place. In this case a friend who ownes a printing workshop called me to troubleshoot his Roland Versacam VP540 printer/plotter.

The machine did not turn on after several sudden stop during a printjob. First i checked the power supply.... 41 volts DC no problem there. Replaced the servo board.... no result. Then i did what is one of the most common probems in failing equipment. Replace major capacitors.

This problem is verry common in a large scale of equipment like flatscreen TV's, computers, fitness equip. audio equip. etc. The cap don't always show leaking or a fysical defect.

If one capacitor shows leaking or is not completely flat at the top..... replace it. Replace all large caps. If one goes bad its verry likely that the rest are not optimal anyway. These are not expensive components so don't try to save money.... otherwise you'l get frustration in stead.

Its also wise to replace the cap with a higher voltage then the original one used by the manufacturer.

On the board the caps shown by the arrows are 220 mF 50 volts i replaced the caps with 470 MF 63 volts.

The repair costs where about 3,- dollars and and 15 minutes of my time, a repacement board is about 1800,- dollars.

I'll try to post more repair tips on a wide range of failing electronics.



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Question 25 days ago on Introduction

I have a problem with my versacamm 540. the machine prints and half loses its connection to the computer. I have to shut down and restart the whole VP-540. then the device printed for about 15 minutes and the error reappears.the intervals between the print stop are shortened and I can not even print.prints 2-3 lines and loses connection.Everybody tells me to replace the motherboard where there is a network problem is, the motherboard stands at $ 1,800.Thank you for your advice and sorry for my English.

1 answer

Reply 24 days ago

Get a good connector cleaner (contact chemie 60) and clean all cable connectors. Check the cable connectors for worn out pins. replace the cables to make sure. Check the connectors on the board for dirt and oxidation. Sevice the whole machine and clean all connectors. Check for bad soldering joints and reflow them to be sure. Recapping the board would not hurt. Check the power supply for a stable 41 volts. Good luck...... :)


5 months ago

I am a high school graphics design teacher and we have a print shop with a Roland VS-540. It recently will not power on. The board for the print head's indicator light will come on, but not on the Servo board. any thoughts / ideas???


1 year ago


How dit it work out? is the problem solved with the VP540 and does it run ok now?

Gr Rene

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Reply 1 year ago

The machine runs perfectly and until now never failed again.


Reply 1 year ago

Ok, good to hear, thnx for your response. I try to replace the caps tomorrow!


Reply 7 months ago

hi... have you tried? solve the problem? waiting for response


Reply 3 years ago

Mostly caps are used in power supply cicuits to give processors a stable power supply. They work almost like a battery storing power. When the processor need a litle bit more power to opperate a certain instuction the power supply (without a capacitor) will drop in voltage. The energy stored in the caps can supply the power needed and recharge in an instant and be ready for the next extra power demand from your circuit. Upping the voltage value can protect the cap from high voltage pulses for instance when turning the device on. A higer capacitance increases the amount of power than can be stored.

A simple test can demonstrate this. Use a led first without and then with a capacitor. With capacitor the led wil stay highlited for a short while longer (depending of the value) then with no cap when turnig of the power.


Reply 2 years ago

Trying tomorrow if I can find the parts local.