Repair Your Skate Shoes With Hot Glue




Introduction: Repair Your Skate Shoes With Hot Glue

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Hey Guys,
Today I'm gonna show you how to repair your used skate shoes with hot glue. It's really easy and takes about 5 minutes and it's much cheaper than buying shoe goo.


Step 1: Problem

So there is a hole in my skate shoe. Big problem. So get out your hot glue gun and lets get started.

Step 2: Repairing

Take one of your hands inside the shoe and put a finger on the hole to stop the glue from coming inside. If you do it correctly you shouldn't have to put your finger because no glue is going to come inside. But just in case, lets put it...
Start making a web from one point of tha hole to another. When that is done apply gule in generous amounts.
IMPORTANT! Use the metal tip to smooth out the glue so it wont come off easily.

Step 3: Go Skating

When the glue cools down, you're good to go skating!

Thank you for reading this instructable, I hope it helped you.

If somethings were not clear please tell me and I would be happy to help you

See you next time with an instructable on how to make a wall hanging audio/iPod platform with an old skateboard.



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    I wonder if you slapped a patch on top of that glue if it would hold.

    I like it. Thanks michmich112 for the idea. I need to try this with my son's shoes.

    1 reply

    Thanks for your comment aliencaltech :D I hope that you'll try it out and that your son will like it :) I would love to get some feedback if you have the time! :)

    I have been repairing my skate shoes with hot glue for years now, it works really well on fixing (and preventing) holes in your soles, which is something shoe goo really isn't any good for.
    To make a perfectly smooth patch I put a big blob of glue on the hole and press the shoe against a piece of glass (a window or the bottom of a drinking glass will work). Hold it there a few a seconds, the more pressure you use the thinner the patch is going to be, but if you don't press hard enough you might leave rough edges. If you are impatient you can pour a drop of water between the glass and sole to make the glue cool faster. When it sets it will almost automatically make the glass unstick from the shoe, leaving a perfectly smooth patch. Now you just have to wait a little bit longer for the glue to finish hardening.
    PS.: if the hole goes all the way through the sole, put a piece of tape on the inside to stop the glue going in and stuff it with a pair of socks to make it more rigid

    Thank you. Please tell me how it works out with the oogoo.

    Sweet! I bet it works pretty well. I got some of this stuff at the dollar store and used it to fix a rip in my converse shoes

    They're still holding together after a year. Its not nearly as flexible as shoe too but it works well. I want to try mixing up a batch of oogoo and see how that works. (oogoo=silicone+cornstarch=awesome)

    Thank you shoes can last much longer this way