Repair a Dyson Vacuum Trigger (to Empty Dirt)

Introduction: Repair a Dyson Vacuum Trigger (to Empty Dirt)

After searching several sites and finding that to repair this part would mean buying used vacuum or replacing the whole tank unit, I decided to head into the garage.

All you will need is:
   2 metal washers (use either a 3/4" or 7/8" round)
   masking tape
   scrap paper (optional)
   masking tape
   strong glue ( I used a glue gun, but any good bonding glue would work)

The trigger mechanism where you place your finger to pull up on the tank release snapped in half horizontally.  There was not much to hold onto even using needle nose pliers. For less than $.50 I repaired it.  All you need are two washers, some good bonding glue, and a few scraps of paper or masking tape.

First, disconnect the tank as if to dump it. Then remove the two outer screws to expose the inside. Take note of how the plastic piece is placed inside. (You may want to take a picture for later reference)

Next, pull up on the broken trigger (still attached) and place the broken piece on top to mesh them together.  Next, place some masking tape or scrap paper anywhere that the trigger is close to the main parts so the glue will not stick to the main parts thus disabling the function of the trigger. I found this area to be an extremely tight fit so you will have to pay attention with the placement of the washers.

Glue the two broken plastic pieces together. Allow them to dry a little, just so they don't wiggle around.  Then place one washer on each side of the trigger. Placement is important here so that it doesn't rub or allow for the proper motion. Glue one washer on to one side, placing glue from the inside of the trigger toward the washer.  You may want to turn it on its side so the glue will go all around the washer.

Once one side is done and somewhat dry, flip the tank to its other side. Place some glue on the washer and allow to dry a little. Then, I used a glue gun here, place the tip of the glue gun on the opposite side to allow the glue to run around the inside of the opposite washer.( Make sure you don't heat up the washer that the tip of the glue gun is going into or it may loosen that side. You could also use a toothpick to swirl the glue around.) Allow to dry.  You may want to place some tape or a small C-clamp to hold until it is dry.

You will need to pinch the sides of the trigger to pull it up, but it sure beats $80. You could also place a rope or something like it through the washer holes to make it easier.

Thanks for checking out my first "ible". I did this repair a few weeks back, so I couldn't do any "during" photos.

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