Repair a Broken TV Remote Battery Cover




Introduction: Repair a Broken TV Remote Battery Cover

Getting real tired of those rubber bands or that nasty, sticky tape on your remote? Well, me too!

Like every smart guy around, I tried googling my problem to see if anything comes up, but I found only a solution that worked for some of the remotes. Mine simply wasn't compatible with the guide (your might not be compatible with this instructable, so take a look at the other guide I found here). After a while I realized I could use some hot glue to fix my remote using the original parts and it would look almost exactly like it was never broken.

Here's how I did it...

Step 1: What You'll Need...

  1. The TV remote, its battery cover and the left overs from the cover.
  2. Hot glue gun
  3. Sharp XACTO knife or just a sharp regular knife, really sharp knife.

You might also like to get some old newspapers or blank sheets of paper you don't need to protect your table from the leaking hot glue and scratches from the tools.

Step 2: Prepare

Try to determine the original angle of the plastic piece that broke. Because mine was already loose in it's original position I decided to place the plastic piece a bit upper and I made the angle wider, now it's a tight fit but that's exactly what I wanted!

Step 3: Almost There!

Let the glue gun heat up as hot as it can be. Quickly place some hot glue on the bottom half of the battery cover and place the plastic piece in its position, you can fine tune it in the first second or two when the glue is still hot enough for that.

Be prepared to work fast, the hot glue will cool down quickly! Make sure it's on the bottom half only, you'll need the top part to be free, the plastic will flex when you put the cover back in place and it needs place to move. If else it either won't fit the remote or it will crack again on the glue joint or somewhere else.
If you get the angle wrong, like I did in the picture above, it takes some trial and error sometimes, wait for the hot glue to cool down enough and using the knife try to pop it back again. It won't take much force, but try not to make bigger damage.

Step 4: The Hardest Part Is Over

Now simply cut the rest of the hot glue that has spilled on the sides, I had to cut it all the way to the plastic because that was the only way it could fit my remote.

Now just snap it back into place and enjoy your brand new, old remote control!
Tell me your results, see you in the comments! :D

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