Repair a Broken Scissor





Introduction: Repair a Broken Scissor

Repair a broken scissor with a piece of plywood and some glue

Step 1: Remove the Broken Handle

Step 2: Copy the Shape of the Handle

I need plywood 3 milimeter in width.

Step 3: Sketch of the Idea

I need three pieces of plywood.

Step 4: Draw the Stopper

Step 5: Make a Small Hole in the Handle

After i'll carve the definite hole.

Step 6: Carving the Hollows in the Plywoods

Step 7: Glueing

I insert the scissor to remove the excedent of glue into the handle

Step 8: When the Handle Is Finished, Carve the Hole for the Thumb

Step 9: Glue the Handle and the Scissor

Step 10: Finished



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    NO!!! I love these scissors and will fix them. They were given to me in a funny kind of way so I just put them at the back of the draw when they broke. Now since I love wood work I can fix them. They will be reused and passed down to my kids. My leather scissors are the best I own and the broke ones are the 2nd to best. Can't part from something so good. A new pair of scissors would not be as good or loved as much as these.

    me? No I won't I don't have scissors that need fixing but I commented because this looked good :D

    lol, now you need to wait for the other side to break so you have super-loved-super-wooden scissors xD

    Say YES to taking responsibility for our goods and repairing them rather
    than tossing them away. I appreciate this. It's not only preventing needless waste, but also giving you a new relationship with
    those scissors (almost heirloom qualified now) and honing your skills
    at the same time.

    Great work - I'm tucking this one away for a later date!

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    Had to laugh at your HEIRLOOM qualified. My children and grandchildren laugh at a lot of my heirloom qualified items but guess what, some day these items will be passed down to them. And a lot of them have came from my parents and my grandparents. If it is good keep it going.

    Great job.

    I have the same broken scissors and I''l use your idea. Thank you

    I have some scissors with a broken handle; I'm going to try this! Thank you!

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    2 years ago

    you are dedicated to those scissors