Repair a Capacitive Touch Screen Stylus With Conductive Thread

Introduction: Repair a Capacitive Touch Screen Stylus With Conductive Thread

This is a relatively straightforward repair project, so I'll mostly just let the images do the work here. I had a damaged stylus head for a capacitive touch screen and wanted to fix it up. It still worked even though it was split, but the split down the middle was getting annoying to work around. So I grabbed some conductive thread and used what membrane was left as a sewing substrate. I started off by intentionally sewing back through previous stitches and splitting the thread on purpose, with the idea that the thread would eventually replace the original membrane as the needle continued to destroy the membrane I was working with. Then I worked to fill in whatever spaces were left with a kind of ad hoc weaving through the base stitches. It's a little ugly, but it works!

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