Repair Arduino Nano (no Power on USB)

Introduction: Repair Arduino Nano (no Power on USB)

I shorted my arduino nano clone again, so its time to make a tutorial video, how fix this problem.

The schottky diode: 0.5A 20V SOD-123 housing

The video:

1. Check the arduino. No power on USB, but Vin working.

2. Check the schottky diode -> yepp its smoked.

3. Replace the diode.

4. Test the arduino

Step 1: Watch the Step by Step Video.

Watch the video.

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Yeah, its happening to me many time too when trying my new projects. I try to replace original type diode.
0.5A 20V

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if you use 1A 20v you can connect 2A 5v Charger to power to Arduino..

otherwise diode will burn again..

Where can you buy small quantities? I don't think I will burn it out 3000 times, and I don't plan on opening a shop lol.

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Also I noticed that this is the only part burnt, thanks for identifying what part to buy!

i did the same mistake, "somehow" made my ardunio nano in smoke, but the difference is that when i plug my arduino to a USB port, the power light indicator is working just fine but the L (idk what it stands for) is dimmed really low. but for sure my computer cant detect the arduino at all (not even in the device manager) and obviously cant upload the code. am i having the same probem as you and do have to do the steps that you did? thanks for the help!

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At Any Point Of Time Please Remember :

1.Check Scotty diode. If Burnt Replace With 4148 Diode.or with any 5v Diode with HighFrequency.

2. If Still No Power On Try Jumper in Pic.

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Isn't there a self healing fuse we can use. The normal Arduino uses it. Why does the nano blow itself up. Will this one work ?

very helpfull thank you.

i was wondering if this will apply to usb memory keys.

Yes! Same thing happened to me with 2 nanos. One note: I did not have a surface mounted diode and used a regular (through-hole) one---just solder on top of the old diode. Of course it works too. My new ones are 1 A, so they will probably not blow again, maybe they will destroy the whole PC instead :)