Repair or Replace Your Expensive Pioneer Stereo Rca Harness! D.I.Y

Introduction: Repair or Replace Your Expensive Pioneer Stereo Rca Harness! D.I.Y

This is a simple step by step instruction to replace or repair your Pioneer car stereo RCA harnesses on most models (verified) up to the 2012 BTXXX models of a/v and navi decks that use a 2 row pin configuration of 10-32 pins. This requires some knowledge of electrical connector assembly, schematics and possibly some soldering.  Note, if you install anything other than an OEM harness on you deck you may void your warranty!!!Proceed at your own risk

1. if you do not have a harness or do not have the knowledge of electrical connectors, I strongly suggest you purchase a replacement harness from a vendor or the manufacturer.  This instruction is to be used at your own risk and i do not and will not assume any responsibility for any damage that may occur to your equipment or yourself.

(if you have your existing harness or the schematic for the connections for your specific stereo, proceed) **if you do not have any idea how to obtain a copy of your units schematics, Google is your best bet or find someone who is willing to give you detailed pictures of "what goes where" and dont attempt to "figure it out" without some kind of reference.

**  The small component connectors on most pioneer A/V stereos are of the "PADP" model of JST (Japanese solder-less terminal) connectors.  These (PADP) are the small, rectangular ivory or solid white colored connectors that have a pin pitch (spacing) of 2mm and vary anywhere from 10 to 32 pins between 2 rows.  This is standard of most Pioneers a/v car rca connectors. Note, you can typically reconfigure other decks harnesses to work with your own deck as long as they have the same number of pins and needed connectors, which may be more cost effective for you depending on your needs.  The only catch is you need to go through the process of figuring out how many pins and what part number the harness is....that is easy

2.  Now after figuring out how many pins your connector is you will use this part number: PADP-xxV-1-S
      - You will replace the "XX" with the number of pins your connector is.  10 pins = PAPD-10V-1-S; 16 pins = PAPD-16V-1-S
           - Below you will find pictures of the "header" connector that is mounted on your deck, this one is 16 pins.
           - The "S" at the end of the part number indicated a specific color, "white."  There are other colors but this is not important.
      -  Next you will need to get the pins for the PADP connector, part number : SPH-001T-P0.5L, order as many as your connector requires plus a few extra just in case.

** the best place to get these connectors is DigiKey, they will cross reference the part number to their part number.

3.  This is the most important step, (re)building the connector.  I highly recommend soldering wire to the pins if you do not have the appropriate crimping tools, these pins are very small and easily damaged. Placement of the pins in the connector is **Extremely** important to prevent any damage or malfunction of your equipment.   Pay attention to polarity (+ positve, - negative, grounds, etc) or you may cause irreversible damage to your head unit.

Further instruction is not necessary at this point, its basically reading schematics and installing pins.  One important note is if you can get a copy of the factory service manual, it has an exact pinout of your head unit, pin locations, etc.  I rebuilt my dvh-p5000mp dvd receiver harness with the information above.  Its worth saving a few bucks, so enjoy.

Chris U.

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