Repair Your Broken Headphones Using Meccano





Introduction: Repair Your Broken Headphones Using Meccano

You just broke your favorite pair of headphones and you don't feel like buying a new pair allready? Well that's just what happened to me. A few days ago I found out that someone accidentaly broke my Sennheiser hd201. Where I live (Belgium) these headphones cost €30 in store, wich is about 43.5$, so I decided not to buy a new pair. Instead I tried repairing my broken headphones.
This repair shouldn't take longer than 15 minutes. (That is if you allready have the parts)

Step 1: The Parts

I used a steel Meccano grinder/strip with 6 holes.
2 Meccano Bolts
2 Meccano Nuts

The tools I used were the standard Meccano screwdriver and wrench, a knive, a screwdriver and a drill.

Step 2: Take the Headphones Apart

First take appart the headphones. If the headband is broken near a hinge, remove the screws and plastic cover so you can acces the bare headband.
Remove the cussion in the center. With this Sennheiser model, the cussion is glued to the headphones. Pry it off carefully.
Note: Be careful not to lose the tiny screws!

Step 3: Start Repairing

Start by bending the steel Meccano strip into shape. Compair the shape of the strip to the other, unbroken, side of the headband. 
Once you think you've got the right shape, measure where you will need to drill the holes in the headband.
Once the holes are drilled, insert the bolts through the headband and Meccano strip. I preffered the nuts on the inside.

Step 4: Reassemble

Start reassembling your headphones. Start by repossitioning the cussion, then put the rest of the pieces back where they belong.

Important: Make sure the wires aren't twisted when you put it all back toghether.

Step 5: Be Proud of the Result

Final step: Be proud of your work!
after all, a penny saved is a penny earned!

You can always paint the screws black, so they're less noticable.
Also, if you don't have Meccano lying around, search for some alternatives. You can always try finding a similar metal strip in your local hardware store.

Thank you for reading. This was my first instructable, leave your toughts and comments but be construcive please. There could be a lot of typo's here, since English is not my native language. Sorry about that! If you got any questions, I'll try to answer them in the comments or add them to the instructable.

Have fun Re-using your old broken headphones!



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    2 replies

    I guess you should go to the hardware store to find a small strip of metal and two nuts and bolts. You could also try to glue the 2 pieces together, but reinforced by gluing a bit of extra plastic on the back, using some epoxy resin.

    Will those chassis metal on a toy car (Don't know the name of the car, but its Bandai racing car, It has holes and I just might need a bolt.

    Nice alternative to repair the headphone band :)

    I used a hair band and a tape to fix that and make it really work. Using another solution or glue will be a temporary solution.

    Check this video to fix the broken headphone band in less than $1.

    What Size of bolt did you use? I dont have the parts but im planing to buy them (Really cheap on ebay) But not sure what bolt to buy

    Thank you so minx or this. I just cracked my 110$ monster ntune v2's and was afraid they'd never be whole again. You've give me hope I'm gonna go out soon and get te tools and post back wen I'm done. Thanks bro

    Brilliant and simple - I only hope I haven't tossed those broken headphones. Why do headphones ALWAYS break??!! Even if you treat them like they're made out of glass....

    i owned this headphone model..

    after 2 yrs of using it, the leather starts to crack and fall off, and the wires are cracking too, i can even see the wires coming out of the cracked rubber. :(

    besides, do you face the wires are like twisted? because, the 2 wires coming out from the headphone speakers are like twisted, i hav no idea how that happened, and i couldln't twist it back... does it happend to your headphones too?

    5 replies

    I don't have the leather problem yet. But I know what you mean by twisted wires coming out of the headphones. The way to solve it is to wrap up the wire from the jack to where the wire splits, and then put the wrapped part of wire through the headphones wires a few times. Make sure you do that in the right direction.

    I think the leather would last longer if you don't store it in the sun, or make sure they are dry when you store them etc. you can always buy spare parts I believe, not sure where.

    Hope that helped.


    hi voenie,

    i have also tried the method of 'wrapping the jack over the split wiires' and it doesn't work even tho i wrap em both ways.. what i guess is that due to age, the rubber wires seemed to have like defecting slowly, could be that over time the rubber seems to slowly  get harden, and 'twisted' itselves.

    it says at the cover that this model comes with 2 years warranty, i ever asked the authorised sennheiser dealer in my country, they say only defects they would do repair for us, cause of wearing, damage  by users, they shall not replace/repair ... so i guess my leather issue can't be replaced.

    since one side of my headphone's wire cracked, i felt like replacing the wires where it cracked. simply by shortening the wires of the stock's wire... do you know how to remove the cover of the headphone so i could solder the wires to the speakers in the headphone cup?


    I'm sorry but I haven't looked in to opening that part of the headphones since I only needed to rejoin the 2 parts. If I find something, I'll post it here.

    hi voenie, its me again...

    i finally rip off the whole thing and changed the whole wire, you may find my instructable here...


    alright, thanks!!!!

    if my chord is broken, i might try to fix it, i'll let you know if i have any findings as well.... :)

    Thanks, but how do you keep you nut from loosening?
    I think I will buy some super glue to keep them tight if they start coming off.

    There are two types of Meccano nut, one is flat and square (standard), the other is higher, and has a small piece of plastic that allows it to twist but not loosen..

    Super-Glue could work, if the joint didn't have to flex..

    Then I guess I have old-skool meccano. I only have one type of nuts, that's the standard square ones.