Repair Your Kitchen Tools With Sugru (because Accidents)

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Kitchens are the busiest room in the house and where all your culinary magic comes alive. But this is still the kitchen after all, and silly accidents are bound to happen.

Being prepared for those unexpected moments can make all the difference and keep your kitchen in order — like when you damage the handle of your favourite knife. Having a good knife can turn a chore into a pleasure, it's not called the most important tool in the kitchen for nothing.

With Sugru, little accidents like this aren't a big deal, they just become your next project! So if you damage something in the dishwasher, or one of your utensils breaks in the kitchen, think of Sugru.

Sugru is perfect for fixing all kinds of things around the house. It bonds to lots of different materials and is also heat resistant up to +180°C. Once cured, Sugru is easy to clean with soap and water, and it's dishwasher safe too!

Once cured, Sugru is inert, but people can be allergic to anything, so we have to tell you to be careful. Sugru isn't certified as food safe yet, but we're working on it. So for now, please resist the urge to eat it :)

Step 1: Open Your Pack of Sugru

The amount of Sugru you'll need will depend on the damage that you are repairing. Just pinch off as much as you need and roll it into a ball in your hand.

We only needed about a third of a single use pack of Woody Brown Sugru. If what you're repairing doesn't need a whole pack, it's a good idea to line up a few projects at a time to make use of the Sugru once you open it. Here are some little ideas to get you thinking.

Step 2: Apply the Sugru

Here we were repairing the handle of a knife that got damaged on the cooker as an example. The damaged area isn't too big on this one, but if you need to repair a larger area or replace a broken part, just use more Sugru.

  • Clean and dry the surface of the handle, and remove any loose pieces.
  • Take your ball of Sugru and press it firmly on to the damaged area.
  • Shape the Sugru by lightly pressing all over with your finger to make sure it bonds to the handle.

24 hours later the Sugru will have cured into durable rubber, and your trusty tool will ready for action again (it might even feel comfier than it used to)

Head over to our Tips page for how to get the best results applying it to different kinds of surfaces.

Step 3: But Don't Wait for Something to Break!

Sugru can be used for loads of clever little improvements around the home. Head over to for loads of ideas and projects you can copy from other Sugru-ers — like making all your kitchen tools magnetic!

Oh and If you want to improve your knife skills, Jamie O can teach you the basics in 5mins flat!



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