Repair/Prevent Mac Cord Damage

Introduction: Repair/Prevent Mac Cord Damage

Did your mac cord get frayed around the block or near the magnetic plug? Here is a great way to repair or prevent damage to your mac cord using duct-tape!

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Step 1: Clean Your Cord

Remove any debris near the fray and gently wipe down the surrounding cord with a damp cloth.

Step 2: Parallel Wrap the Cord

Cut a piece of duct tape larger than the frayed area and lay it parallel with the cord. Now align the cord on the edge of the tape and carefully wrap the tape around the frayed section of cord. Alternatively, lay the cord on the edge of a table and roll the cord over the tape.

Step 3: Add "Flags"

Cut two 4 inch pieces of duct tape. Lay them perpendicular to the cord where the edge of the "parallel" tape meets the cord. Now fold the tape over the cord and carefully align it with itself to make a "flag" (see Image). Trim the edge of the flag to make it even.

I "flagged" the area near the power block to prevent/slow damage from occurring (it was not damaged). I parallel taped the cord near the magnetic connector to repair a 1 inch fray in the cord. This simply prevents further damage to the cord and helps to keep water/dust/dirt from eroding the frayed section. You can apply up to two parallel duct tape wraps to your cord to strengthen the cord and prevent bending at a damaged/frayed section. I applied two 8 inch parallel duct-tape wraps to my power cord and it sits flat on the desk. People love to comment on my hippy flowers!

BONUS! Use decorative tape to make the repair and impress your friends with your individuality!

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    3 years ago

    Awesome Job & A Great Idea!! And Here Is Something Else You Could Do If You Wanted To Protect It Even More, Before You Put On The Tape!! There Is Some Liquid Stuff That Is At Hardware Stores & Home Centers[Lowes/HomeDepot/Etc..] Called Liquid Electric Tape & It Makes Connections Waterproof & You Just Use The Brush Attached To The Underside Of The Lid To Brush It On, Now It Even Comes In A Spray Can!!!! Then Just Let It Dry For A While & Then Use Ur Tape Trick!!!


    4 years ago

    Where did you get such cute duck tape?!