Repairing a Bicycle Saddle Using Sugru

If your high end saddle is getting a little tatty but the rails are straight, you might consider using Sugru to tidy it up before finally being retired to the pub bike.

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Step 1: Rough Around the Edges?

The nose, sides and tail of a saddle are often subject to more abuse than the rest of it.

Step 2: Apply Sugru

Take a small amount of Sugru, roll it in your fingers to warm it up and make it more malleable. Apply to areas in need of repair.

Step 3: Tidy Up

Be patient, gently work away at it to get a tidy finish. Sugru is awesome stuff but if your fingerprints are left on it before setting they will be there for all eternity.

Step 4: Leave to Set

Leave the Sugru to set for 24 hours, then you're good to go.

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