Repairing Broken Dough Machine Gear With a 3D Printer!

So your wife broke your new dough machine? no problem if you have a 3D printer!

Watch the video to see the process.

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Step 1: How It's Done

After figuring out what gear is broken, take it's measurements exactly as it is! every detail and of course the same teeth number and their angles .

I use Fusion 360 as designing software. It's really great and free from AutoDisk!

Now you can print it.. And I strongly recommend Simplify3D for slicing and printing. It's not free but it deserves every penny! I was using the free softwares until I found this great one!

Test your gear while it's in its place now (with your hand. Don't run the motor!) before assembly so you make sure everything is working smoothly.

If you need my gear STL file just drop a comment.

Happy eating!

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