Repairing Chinese Milling Machine - Before Damage

Introduction: Repairing Chinese Milling Machine - Before Damage

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This is a small milling machine for home-use, named in Hungary "hyundai hyd-dm 160v" - in fact, is a chinese thing, called WMD16V. Fotr that money (ca. 890 EUR) I say it's OK - but be carefull, if you want to use it longer time, You need to disassemble it IMMEDIATELY after purchesing. Why? Because in the inside, in some places has 0,0 gram of grease between moving parts. Whaere it has, has only a small quantity.

And, anyway, a machine will be yours only after knowing it from the inside :)

By the way: as a small milling machine is quite ok, 500W DC motor with speed regulator, 2 speed gearbox, MT2 main axle.

So start with MAINTANANCE before you try to work with it. And this is a MUST for any cheap powertool.

Step 1: Let We Start With the Speed Selector.

Here you see the nameplate on the body. What a surprise:)

The speedselector can be taken away after loosening the small lateral screw. And under the knob - no grease at all. Nothing. Hrrrrrrr.

I used a mineral oild based grease with 10% graphit. There are probably betters too, but I considered a good ideea to have this in the gearbox. So, I greased this ball and the axis with this.

Step 2: Gearbox - No Grease...

Let we see the gearbox too. The machine has a rotating head, so after rotating it with 45 degrees, I could see a small plastic cover on the back. I opened it - and there are the gears - with some drops of grease...

The problem is, that the motor and the speedsensor cable goes from the gearbox to th electrial control box through a big hole - so if I would fill it with grease, that would flow to the electronic too.

So I decided to isolate the two chambers with motor sealing silicone rubber.

Step 3: Sealing and Filling With Grease

Yesssssss, this is not the most beautiful sculpture with silicone which I have ever done - but important is, that I have strong plug between the two chambers.

After the rubber was hardened, I filled it with approx 250 gr of grease. After this I will only have to open sometimes the gearbox, and to push back the spreaded grease on the gears.

The other two photos are only the cables (blue and white) from the motor, which I had to disconnect from the board.

(After this greasing I oiled/greased all the remaining parts, screws etc)

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    1 year ago on Introduction

    I have the same machine and had nothing but problems with electronics and can’t find a electronics diagram anywhere for the wiring if you could help me out that would be great I will also be doing as u suggested which might be why the motor burns out on mine