Repairing Damaged Gutters

Introduction: Repairing Damaged Gutters

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Gutters are not the most glamorous part of your home, but they do serve an important function. Gutters collect and move rain through downspouts and ultimately to the ground. Without gutters the water falling on a roof would splash down and erode the siding and soil below. Gutters also keep rainwater from causing basements to flood. By directing water away from the houses foundation gutters help prevent water from collecting and leaking through basement walls. Having properly working gutters is vital to the structure of your home and so proper maintenance should be done regularly. Fixing problems as they happen will help the gutters remain in working order and extend their lifespan.

Step 1: Clean the Gutter

Gutters develop holes in a few ways. They can be punctured by falling branches or sharp tools and sometimes rust eats through steel gutters. Some homeowners drill holes in gutters to help drain standing water when the gutter is not functioning properly and those holes should be repaired. Make sure that you patch any holes you find in your gutter system promptly, or the hole could grow.

Protect your hands with gloves while you clean the gutters. Clean all debris from the gutter with a gutter scoop or putty knife and then scrub the work area with a stiff wire brush. If you discover any rust, cut away the affected area so it doesn't cause any further corrosion.

Step 2: Apply the Patch

Apply the roofing cement liberally around the hole with a calking gun. Spread the cement around the hole on all sides. Affix the patching material to the area using gentle pressure.

After your patch has had time to dry you can test the patch by pouring water in the gutter. Fixing leaky gutter joint is necessary as the gutters age. Even seamless gutters sometimes develop leaks where the gutter connects to preformed corners and downspouts. For a quick fix, visit a local hardware store and purchase gutter seal. Gutter seal is applied using a caulking gun and a cloth.

If your gutter is sagging, it is most likely because a spike that attaches the gutter to your home, a ferrules, has come loose. To repair the sagging gutter you need to replace the ferrule with something more sturdy. Many hardware stores carry gutter screws, which are great for this type of repair.



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