Repairing Plated Throughholes and Vias on a PCB

Introduction: Repairing Plated Throughholes and Vias on a PCB

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Through-holes or vias can be damaged in either handling of the boards or through the improper removal of a through-hole device. This tutorial will guide you through the repair process. The tools you will need include the following:

Caliper  (or drill guage template)
Cleaning solvent  
Eyelet kit   
Eyelet forming tools  
Soldering Iron   
Drill bits or ball mills  

The more complete kit for Throughhole repair can be found here.

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Step 1: Find the Right Drill Bit Size

Use progressively larger drill bits until you get to the right size where the plated hole can be drilled out. It should be slightly larger than than the opening of the plated through hole.

Step 2: Drill Out the Hole

Drill out the hole using a hand drill. Make sure you drill perpendicular to the plan of the PCB.

Step 3: Use Drill Template Gauge to Size Eyelet OD

Using a drill template gauge, size the correct eyelet size OD. A selection of eyelets that I use is here.

Step 4: Confirm That You Have the Right Eyelet Size

Using the drill guage make sure you have the correct eyelet size.

Step 5: Roll Eylet Flange Using Swaging Tool and Hammer

Place flange side of Eyelet on Swaging tool. Make sure that the PCB is level. Use 90 degree pick to “roll” flange out uniformly. Flat set using a hammer.

Step 6: Connect the Trace to the Eyelet

Add liquid flux and solder the land to the replacement eyelet to make the electrical connection. Allow solder to “wick” up  75% of  the side of the flange.

Step 7: Electrically Test and Inspect

Electrically test and inspect the connection.

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    3 Discussions


    3 years ago

    The swaging tools seem to be horribly expensive for one or two uses. What can be used to swage or close the other end of the eyelet instead of having to buy a $300 press and $200 dies?


    4 years ago

    very useful but my belt eyelets could do the job depending on size is it just pressure holding it together?