Repairing a Fried LED Button

Introduction: Repairing a Fried LED Button

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When working on my presenter project I replaced boring buttons with LED buttons of

But there was no voltage indicated and I was not prudent enough. testing on 3V was ok, but 3.2 proved to be too much and the LED's were burnt.

Ordering again? Or trying to repair.

Repairing and mending is GREEN, isn't it?

I decided for the last option and I learnt a lot from this, so that is why I made this experience in an small instructable.
It was alo very rewarding to notice the care for details in the design of a small button nobody would ever open.

Step 1: Tools

a small screwdriver
a tweezer (very important for this job!)
soldering device,
thin wire
a replacement LED, SMD, or very small LED with the right flat wires

a button with a LED (the LED being fried)
(but don't frie your LED to do this instructable! )

Step 2: Mending

Carefully study the button
cut of the little black points, then the white top comes off, with the orange button.
undo the lower black part of the orange button, and the LED comes out, included the metal wire.

Admire the design of the small details in the buttons! While the rest of the world is just corruption, scandals and other terrible things, some people in China are carefully designing this beautiful small button! (A pity they forgot to include the max voltage for this LED button...)

Now first I tried to solder SMD LED's on the same flat wire. This wire is flat to fit in and to be able to push. The trick I found out was to use duct tape to fasten the wires on the table. Then I could solder the SMD LED on the wires using the tweezer.

But this was a dead end, the elasticity of the flat wire was lost. The LED was on and working, but pushing was precarious.

Step 3: Inserting a New Led

So back to the start. I had bought some scrap LED's at There were small green LED's inside and, really, these had flat metal legs…

These could be used inside the button. But they were green! Well this detail I had to accept.

I could reassemble the LED inside the orange button, but of course the legs of the LED were too short. I had to solder thin wire to the legs to be able to restore the connections.

The funny thing is to see the orange button light up green!

I had to glue the corners of the buttons a bit, not too much, to restore the pushing possibility. These black points gave a bit of freedom for pushing, but these black dots I could not replace.

I added a resistor of 10K between the LED's and the batteries of 2xAAA.

Step 4: Result

The buttons are working again. And they function in a very funny way nobody would think of: WHen unlit, they are orange, and when the LED's light up, the buttons become green. Funny effect of having the wrong color under the transparent orange cap.

I include the youtube movie to show the LED's are repaired:

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