Repairing of a 1999 GMC Sierra Instument Cluster (No Odometer or Gear Indicator)




I had an issue with my 1999 GMC Sierra odometer reading completely gone out as well with the gear indication.  So this is how I fixed the problem!

As with any thing you find on this site you accept all responsibility of your choices, don't blame others if your results do not turn out the same as some items will have different outcomes.  Please vote for me on the Cars & Motorcycle Contest page!

Step 1: Verify Not a Fuse or Faulty Lights Switch.

2 way s to verify the fuse is good:
1. Turn on the ignition key and look at the Instrument Cluster (IC), see if the fault display is illuminated and if the odometer is illuminated or out.
2. Remove fuse the and do visual insp.

Either of theses will show that the fuse is good b/c both the fault and the odometer readout run off the same fuse.

Step 2: Verify Not a Faulty Lights Switch.

Switch between all positions of the dome light and head light switch to make sure no changes on you IC.

No change so remove ( - ) battery cable

Step 3: Remove Cluster Face Panel.

this is done by simply pulling the face panel away from the front of your radio and then working your way towards the steering column.  Once you have reached the steering column make sure to lower it all the way down and shift into 1st gear.  this will allow your face plate to clear and be removed.

Step 4: Remove the IC

Depending on the type of fasteners securing your cluster in remove using a screw driver or socket with long extension.  there will be 4 securing points one in each corner of the IC.  Then pull out and disconnect the wire harness.  Be careful not to damage the harness or connector.

Step 5: Clean Working Area.

Take cluster to a clean working area so you can disassemble the IC.

Step 6: Start Disassembling !

Remove black cover from back by depressing tabs and sliding off!

Then pull the circuit board off the back.  there is nothing that secures it in place but it will require you to pull a little to get it to come loose.  just work around the edges until it comes off.

Step 7: Looking at Odometer Unit

as you can see there is no noticeable damage to the unit itself on the topside so we'll need to get under and verify no loos connections.

To get to the bottom side of the unit there are 3 little tabs that will need to be pushed to the side while pulling up.  You want to lay it over to the side were the the connecting pins are these pins are solid metal so it may be a little stiff to move.  Once you have gotten to the under side look for any cracked or missing soldier and re soldier what ever needs to be repaired.  Then simply push back over and into place.

Step 8: Reassemble

Wipe down back of circuit board and Reassemble.  Prior to putting IC back into vehicle use Dielectric grease on the connector to ensure proper contacts.

As you can see Between a new soldier job and connector grease I'm back up and running.

I hope this helps SOMEONE and at some point it will be outdated but I thought it might come in handy to have detailed photos and it was a good subject to use for my first INSTRUCTABLE!  This little trick saved me about $145 by doing it myself.

If you see something I missed, please let me know.  I know there will be that one...or two who won't be satisfied with my instructions but if you are tackling this project and have true questions, "go head" and ask me!  Thanks for stopping by and being patient!



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    2 years ago

    I just did this when I got home today. Found the broken solder connection & repaired it but when I put the cluster back together and reinstalled it in the truck, I get no lights in dash, no power anywhere in the truck and ruck won't start. Did I trip a security feature or something??? Any ideas would be a help as now I'm stranded ...


    3 years ago

    Is it still gaining mileage or when it stopped did my miles stop to?


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks Alex! My '99 Sierra now has a functioning odometer once again! Thanks for sharing.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Pretty good Instructable for your first one! I found this to be helpful b/c I had a truck with the same issue. Was not a 1999 GMC but same concept for the fix. Thanx a bunch you saved me a lot of money!

    1 reply