Repeating Bolt Action Airgun (airsoft Bb's)

Introduction: Repeating Bolt Action Airgun (airsoft Bb's)

First off you need these parts:
- 1m brass/copper tubing 8 mm diameter
- 1m brass/copper tubing 12mm diameter
- 6 fast straps
- 1m of 2 by 2 inch thick wood (this is for the stock, so you can use other lenghts)
- 1 inch thick and 35 cm long plank
- 2 flat rectangular pieces of metal (for making gates etc) 30 cm
- 1 blowgun ( has to be able to take more than 10 bar)
- 1 hose rated for 10 bar and up.
- 1 bike valve
- glue gun or lots of glue:-)
- small electrical wire retainers (3) to hold the barrel
- two hose connectors in copper one 1 cm in diameter approx the other on needs to fit the 12 mm pipe and the other end will go into the front of the blowgun.
- two clamps to secure the hose
- optional: bike pump
That's it i think.

I can't be held responisble for mistakes/ judgement errors or foolishness. Use only pressure tested materials that can withstand pressures up to 350 psi. Never inflate bottles more than the 'safe' levels of pressure.
Making this airgun is ones own responsability.

Step 1: Connecting the Hose to the Pressure Bottle

-Take the hose connector and fit it in the tight hole you drilled in the top of the cap and screw a retainer nut on the inside of bottle cap to the connector.
-Use teflon tape.
-Glue the cap to the hose connector so no air can pass.
-Drill hole in back of bottle (again tight fit) the bike valve should just fit trough with some pulling and wiggling. Also glue up everything (use a boatload of glue;-)
- Then screw the cap on and wrap the top and bottom with self vulcanizing plumber's tape.

Pressure test the bottle. If leaking: add glue.

Step 2: Connect Bottle to Blowgun and Fit Barrel

-Use the hose and the metal hose straps to connect the blowgun and bottle.
-Screw on the other copper hose connector to the blowgun (take away the old nozzle).
- Hammer down the hose connector into the bigger tube. Make sure before you do to cut the old nozzle (if it was a long one) and fit an inch and a half of it in the new copper connector. Let it stick out about an inch.
- Cut out a breech with a angle grinder or other tools.
- fit the small barrel into the bigger one. It should slide over your new nozzle and give a good seal.

Step 3: Fit Wooden Stock

- Use the two pieces of wood to fashion a nice stock, connecting them with the two pieces of metal. Screw them on. But try out the stock for size with some duct tape first.
- use plastic fast straps to fasten the blowgun
- use the metal arcs (electrical wire fasteners). to secure the barrel.

Buy some bb's and have fun

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    4 Discussions


    4 years ago

    I'm a little unclear on how the breech goes together, can you explain the assembly a little more in depth or post another picture?


    4 years ago

    Cool! How far does it shoot?


    Reply 4 years ago

    With the 0.5 liter bottle not far.
    The bicycle pump won't let the bottle be filled up beyond 2.5 bar.
    So i suggest using a schrader bike valve. It can handle a lot more pressure. Also use a bigger coke bottle.
    With these modifications it should reach anywhere between 20-30m. Maybe further.


    Reply 4 years ago

    Just made a new air tank for it: 160 psi it can hold. Now the rifle shoots hard and far. Will test it against steel bb gun.