Replace Brake Pads on a Hayes Hydraulic Disk Brake




Introduction: Replace Brake Pads on a Hayes Hydraulic Disk Brake

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This is a quick way to replace the pads on your Hayes Hydraulic mtn bike brakes.

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Step 1: Tools

Needle Nose Pliers
Cone Wrench

Step 2:

Remove the wheel.

Step 3: Remove the Pads

Now its time to remove the old pads, grab the tabs on the bottom of the pads with a pair of pliers. Pull down and they should come out.

Step 4: Put the New Pads In...

So put the new pads in exactly as the others had come out, I find it easier to put the pad closest to the frame first, then the next.

The pads stay on with a small spring clip that fixes to a post on the piston of the brake.

Step 5: Spread Em...

You sometimes (most of the time...) need to spread the pads after putting them in. If you do, DO NOT use a screwdriver, it can gouge the pads.

Instead slide a cone wrench in between the pads and you should be ready to roll.

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    4 Discussions

    Ok what do you do when the new pads are way thicker and after spreading they snap back into place meaning that they are full on all the time?

    Do not try and loosen the top brake screw to relise some of the pressure as all you're brake fluid will come out.
    Anyone know what too do?


    11 years ago on Introduction

    how come my brake pads are round? on every site i've checked; they're rectangular. if i buy rectangular ones would they fit?


    Reply 12 years ago on Step 1

    This one is my Klein Palomino. -Joe