Replace CBF 125 Dashboard Bulbs

Dashboard bulbs on the CBF 125 burn easily, and at first I thought it would be difficult to change them, however, is quite easy. The reason they burn due to the fact that the motorcycle's electrical system is AC (another guide show how to fix it).
The bulbs are all the same (1.7W) and the bush is the known T10.

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Step 1: Remove Plastic

Start by drawing the two pieces of black plastic.

Step 2:

Loosen the 4 nuts (be careful not to let fall some black discs);
Unscrew the odometer cable to be easier to move;
Pulling (with some strength) the wires until the rubber's get out;
Change the light bulbs you want, and re-assemble everything.

Step 3: List of Bulbs

1 - Dashboard light (AC)
2 - Error Light (DC)
3 - Neutral Light (DC)
4 - Flasher light (not sure)
5 - High Beam Light (not sure)
6 - Odometer cable

It is noted that the bulbs sooner or later will burn (due to the electrical system), and LED's won't take long to burn to, so the solution is to make a DC circuit for the bike (see my other instructable).

I hope I was helpful.

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