Replace RAZER DeathAdder's Microswitch and LED

Introduction: Replace RAZER DeathAdder's Microswitch and LED

Step 1: This Is for 3500 Dpi Version(not 2013)

The products produced after 2013 may have some differences but it's similar at most parts

Step 2: Careful!

Be careful with ribbon wires. it's fragile and if you have broken these you must fix it with a

Step 3: That's It

Step 4:

Step 5: Then Let's Add LEDs

I don't know why they put so many holes here, but I like it.

Step 6:

Let the LEDs go though the hole beside the old blue LED. Don't forget to separate two pins of LED

Step 7:

If your new led's voltage is lower than then old led's which 2.7v. You must add a resistance. I used 1k resistance. You can change luminance by using different value of resistance.

Step 8:

Add the LED and the resistance into original circuit. Be careful with direction.

Step 9: The Final Step

Don't forget plug the header



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    Hi there is any alternative pin for scrool led? I've just solderd out by accident pods from pcb