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Introduction: Replace Samsung Tab 2 ( 10.1 ) Charging Port

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I will show how to replace a Samsung Tab 2 ( 10.1 ) Charging Port.

This is a Trash to Treasure Instructable.

I have had this tablet for about 4-5 years. The cost to repair this problem would exceed the current market value of the device. Cost was only $13 for a used charging port from and Ebay seller.

About 12 months ago I noticed a problem getting the tablet to charge. I discovered I was not always getting a good connection between the cable and the device. Well over time I had to really wiggle and jiggle the charging cord into the charging port to get a good connection. Eventually there was no connection and the device just would not charge. Nor would it power on when plugged in.

Considering the age of the device I figured it was either the battery or cable. I had 2 other cables that had the same problem. So it had to be the port or the battery. Considering all the connection problems I decided to try to replace the port before investing in a new battery. New battery cost ranges $15-$50 online.

The big issue I had was how the heck do these devices come apart? I will show how to do that and replace the port and Save the Tablet from the Trash!

Step 1: Removing Back Cover

My first bit of advice on this project is BE PATIENT!

I consider myself more of the the "rough carpenter" type rather than the "finish carpenter". In other words, I can become frustrated at times when it comes to having to pay attention to small delicate details.

I was reluctant at first of trying to disassemble my device with the fear of destroying it beyond repair. But after some thought I figured on today's standards this device was somewhat dated. So... go for it and see what happens. The worst case scenario, it is time for a new device. After all, I was dealing with a glass screen as well as delicate and sensitive electronics.

It is my belief that the manufacturers of these mobile devices have intentionally designed them to scare away the DIYer from making repairs and other service.. They either want us to send it back for repair or trash it all together so we buy a new one. Why couldn't they just have 4 screws holding the back cover to the device?

Don't be scared. Just go for it.

Possible tools for removing the back cover. A prying tool if you will...

  • Very small flat head screwdriver as I used.
  • Utility knife

Remove Cover

With your tool of choice, work your tool around the edge of the glass between glass and back cover. This will remove any gunk or debris that has gathered over time. It will also break any type of seal between the two parts. The two parts being the device and the back cover.


Step 2: Pry Back Cover

Again with your tool of choice, gently and SLOWLY start prying the cover away from the screen. As you work around you will hear some clicks. This is the cover coming away from the device. Be extra careful near the buttons and headphone port.

After you have gone around the device one full time, repeat.

This time insert your tool a little deeper as you pry. You will get to a point where enough of the screen has been pried away where you can get your finger between screen and back cover.

Now use your finger to continue to pry instead of the tool The screen will eventually separate from the back cover.

Step 3: Layout Device

Turn the device glass side down so the port connection is facing you.

The flat cable that will be replaced is labeled GT-P7500_CTC_Rev_1.3D

Now find the part with identical part number for your device online and order it.

Wait for it to be delivered.

Be Patent!

Step 4: Disconnect Cable

  1. Locate the connection of cable to device.
  2. Peel back clear tape away from cable.
  3. Pull cable back toward you to disconnect. Be careful and PATIENT!
  4. Move away from device.

Step 5: Identify Charging Port

The port is the thingy you plug into to charge the device.

Step 6: Remove Screws and Mic

  1. With a very small Phillips head screwdriver remove both mounting screws.
  2. Place screws in a safe place. They are tiny little buggers.
  3. Carefully dislodge the Mic. It is just setting in the device.

Step 7: Pry Charging Port

Now you will need to pry the port away from the device.

NOTE: There is adhesive holding the port in place. So pry and BE PATIENT!

  • Insert pry tool between port and device.
  • Pry gently to remove port from device to break seal of adhesive.
  • Continue until port comes away from device.
  • You are now ready to install new charging port.

Step 8: Install Replacement Port

  1. Install replacement port.
  2. Replace both screws.
  3. Reseat Mic.

Step 9: Make Connections

  • Connect other end of charging port to device. This time you will gently push it back into place.
  • Tape connector to device.
  • Connect charging cable to device.

Step 10: Power On

Let's test the port. Don't put the cover back on yet as we want to test to see if the port was definitely the problem and not the battery.

  • Locate power button.
  • Push and hold for 5 seconds.


If you do not have success, check your connections again. Might need a new battery.

Step 11: Replace Back Cover

Now you are ready to replace the cover.

  1. Layout cover so top of cover is facing away from you. Top would be where control buttons are located on this model.
  2. Align top with controls and set into place
  3. Set bottom into place.
  4. Work your way around outside edge of screen and press device back into place.
  5. You will hear some clicks as the device becomes seated to the back cover.

Step 12: Charge Device

Now reconnect your device and give it a full charge!

Step 13: Treasure Saved From Trash

I have saved my Treasured tablet from the Trash!

Overall, not a difficult task. The most difficult part of the project was controlling the nerves of worry of destroying the device all together when prying apart the device. As I mentioned several times BE PATIENT!

Considering the age of the device I will probably have to pry it open again to replace the battery at some point. Next time I will have no worries.

Instead of buying a new device I can now purchase a new TREASURE!

Hope this helps somebody else out that has nerves about cracking open a mobile tablet.

Don't Trash It...FIX IT!

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    3 years ago

    I have found since replacing that my battery could be replaced. If you have had yours for a few years, replace the battery while you have the tablet opened up.


    3 years ago

    Found a seller on Ebay who probably pulled it from another tablet.


    3 years ago

    Great job.
    Did you order the port online or did you have one from a other tablet?