Replace Stabilizer on a Cut Throat Razor

I found two cut throat razors today at the local flea market from a nice old man.

One of them hade a really cool eagle design on the stabilizer but completely rusted through and the other had a good blade but a bit boring stabilizer. I will in this instructable describe how to remove a stabilizer and replace it.

Tools and material you need:

A brass pin/nail or rod to attach the new stabilizer (I used a nail that is used to put up pictures on the wall that had the size)

Dremel to remove the head on the pin that holds the razor



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Step 1: Remove the Pins and Razors

Use your dremel tool to remove on of the heads that attaches the razor. Then use a thin blade or something similar to carefully remove the razor from the stabilizers.

Step 2: Attach the New Stabilizor

Use your brass pin and attach the new razor to the stabilizer. Cut it so it sticks about 1-1.3 millimeters up.

Then you just hammer on the side you cut so that it forms a head on the pin and are as firm as you like it.

You're done! It takes about 10-15 minutes in total, if you do like me and take a coffee break in the middle.

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