Replace Water Bladder Hose Cheap!



Introduction: Replace Water Bladder Hose Cheap!

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Step 1: Does Your Bladder Jose Look Gross Like This?

Even if it's clean inside, yellowing makes it look sketch. So what to do? You can replace the hose with the special one that osprey sells. Or you can get a whole new bladder... Or! You can replace it with the same type hose that the manufacturer uses!

Step 2: Okay Get Some Vinyl Tubing

Get the stuff without led. If you were being extra careful you'd get the stuff that says "drinking water safe" or "food grade"

This is the tubing I used for my bladder. Note the dimensions. This is the same dimension as the original

Step 3: See the Difference?!

Like old and new.
A replacement hose costs about $7
This whole roll I bought was 4

Step 4: Measure Old One

Cut the new one the same length, or longer if you need a few extra inches for placing in a big pack. #custom

Step 5: Plug the Old Bag and Nozzle In

And you're done! A new hose on your camel back or osprey bladder!

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