Replace the Accu of Any Mobile Device

Introduction: Replace the Accu of Any Mobile Device

This Instructable describes the cheap and bad looking way to replace the accu of any mobile device.

In the majority of cases the accu is dead long after the warranty is gone. So letting someone else repair it for you is too expensive. The best option is to replace it on your own and as you will notice: accus are relatively cheap. So on - if you just want this device to work and look properly - buy the right accu and replace the old one.

But in case even this is to expensive, you want to enlarge the capacity, dont find the right accu or you just like doing things your own - this is your instructable!

I did it like this because the accu was dead and I wantet to double the capacity

I show you how to do it with an IPod Classic 6th Generation. It works with any other device as well.

What you will need :

  • any 3.7 V (or any other Voltage if your device is different) Lithium Ion Cell
  • tools to open your device
  • soldering Iron
  • solder
  • wire cutter
  • around 30 cm of wire (45 squaremilimeter recommended)
  • mabe an insulation stripper
  • insulation tape
  • cutter

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Step 1: Open Your Device

Well, in my case it was tough work. The IPod Classic is a beast. As you can see: I cut myself. Hope this is not gonna happen to you. Be very patient doing this! Dont destroy one of the connectors.

Step 2: Remove the Old Accu and Take It Apart

Now remove the old accu. When you are done - carefully start opening it on the top. You will find a balancer. Desolder it and keep the balancer with its wire.

Step 3: Prepare the New Accu

I used a 1,20 Euro Huawei 800 mAh cellphone accu. You can use which ever you want.

Also take the new accu apart in the same way. Be careful with the pins. Dont short them because without the balancer there is no short circuit protection. Solder some wire on the new accu and on the "new" balancer.

Step 4: Prepare the Housing

Just drill a tiny hole in the backcover where the accu used to be. In my case I also secured the hard drive with some tape.

Step 5: Put in the Balancer and Connect It to the Mainboard

Put the balancer where the accu used to be. Than solder the new accu on the extension cable which you stick through the hole in the backcover. Finally connect the balancer to the mainboard.

Step 6: Check Function

Check if it works and also if it is charging before you close the housing. Believe me - you dont want to open it again!

Step 7: Tape the New Accu on the Back

Last step: tape the new accu on the back.

I love what it looks like.

Have fun.

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    3 years ago

    Nice replacement! Thanks for sharing!