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Introduction: Replace the Battery on a Myerchin Lightknife

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I picked up a used Myerchin lightknife on ebay that was missing its battery. I was unable to find anything online about what type battery or how to replace it so after I figured it out, I decided to post it here in case anyone else went looking.

It has the numbers 11177 stamped into the blade, and appears to be a model number LH300P (from the myerchin website).

The battery that fit for replacement is a CR1216

Step 1: Remove Belt Clip

Unscrew the three phillips head screws securing the belt clip.

This will expose the battery holder, foam compressor and plastic button. For reference the battery I used for this knife is a CR1216 (when I bought the knife it was missing the battery so I'm not positive if this is correct, but since I couldn't find the answer anywhere on the interwebs, I decided to make this instructable to help the next person who wonders the same thing)

Step 2: Insert Battery

You'll need to create a stack of the components in this order (starting from the bottom)

  1. First leg of the LED
  2. Battery with the + side face up
  3. Foam spacer
  4. Second leg of the LED (you may need to bend it up so it doesn't contact the battery when in the unpressed state (see picture))
  5. Plastic button

Step 3: Replace Battery Cover

Finally replace the belt clip/battery cover and secure the 3 screws.

If the LED lights up when you tighten the screws you'll need to disassamble and the bend the LED leg up a bit more.


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