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Hi guys, recently my second hand TV stopped working. After quick detective work utilizing the vast electrical experience on Google I figured it was the fuse that had blown. I'm no electrician but I like to fix things myself and I'm too cheap to buy another one at Wal-mart. If your TV stops working like mine you can follow these steps to fix it.

Symptoms. My second hand TV (I traded it for a memory card and micro SD card reader) would not come on by either the remote or on switch. It would not light up or make any sounds.
Diagnosis: The diagnosis was that the TV was not receiving any power. After trying different wall outlets, and plugging in known working appliances, I ruled out that it was not a faulty wall outlet. (I would use a lamp but that doesn't work either). No sense in cracking open a TV and risking your life if the wall outlet is not working or not on at all.

Step 1: Tools /Parts Used:

Philips screw driver
Thick leather gloves
Flat screw driver

Step 2: Step 1

First unplug the power from the TV. Resist all temptation and leave the TV UNPLUGGED during the course of the repair. There is a 120V area on one side and high voltage area on the other side, either one you accidentally bump into is going to leave a big ouch or might make someone rich when they cash in your life insurance policy.

Set the box glass side down. Unscrew every screw and place them in an organized fashion. After you remove the screw, carefully lift the plastic case off the front. Set it aside.

IF you know what your doing you can go ahead and discharge the tube. If your inexperienced like me just wear thick leather or rubber gloves and avoid touching anything other than the edges of the PCB and the fuse.

Step 3: Find and Extract the Fuse

If your lucky the fuse will be in a readily accessible place. My TV I had to carefully lift the PCB up to access the fuse.

Using a flat blunt object carefully lift out the fuse. Take care not to break the fuse or scratch the PCB underneath. Once you extracted the fuse from the TV set the cover back on so no one accidentally kills themselves.

Take the fuse to your computer and type in any codes. Also look on the PCB for any markings such as Amperage and volts. Hopefully you get lucky and get some info off the fuse/internet.

I went to RatShack and dug through their fuse bins until I found one that matched both the Amps/Voltage and length/size. I had to buy a package of 4 for $3.40. About 3 more fuses than I needed right now.

Step 4: Go Home and Install the Fuse.

Carefully reassemble the TV and plug it in.
You might be tempted to turn it on with the cover off, just put the cover back on and secure it first, it takes like two minutes and might save your life.

If your lucky then the TV should come on when you press power. My 12 dollar TV now works with a 4 dollar repair. Plus it keeps an old TV out of the landfill and I save 150 from having to buy another one.

Yea! Free cable again. Now I can stay in my room and watch TV instead of having to leave to date women or work on my social life.



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    Question 11 months ago on Introduction

    Hi I have a logic flat screen tv and need to replace the two internal fuses i can get to one but the one for the standby light is the one I need help with as seems to have a metal box covering it plz any help would be greatly appreciated tia


    Question 1 year ago on Step 4

    I have a Sanyo tube TV. It just stopped and I could not turn it on manually nor by remote! Is it a fuse??????


    3 years ago

    My onida tv true slim fuse blown so another fuse replace continuously fuse blown problem pleases solutions sir


    4 years ago on Introduction

    so by chance would you know what the problem is if the tv does turn on theres just no picture


    5 years ago on Step 3

    hey more fuses the better. i had to replace the fuses in my dc - ac inverter. thank s to my keep it atitude with fuses . u never know when u might need them.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    or if yr not in as rush . u can wait a 2 - 3 day 4 the caps to discharge as well.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    hi I looking to fix my Samsung tv im not very sure what the problem is all I know is that the lamp burn out after about a month I tired of replacing the lamp thank you

    i dont have any flat TV's in my house they are all the old fat style. Replacing the fuse will work for your TV if you dont have any picture or sound coming from it.
    If you cant fix it with a fuse then just go on Craigslist or drive around until you see one on the side of the road. Everyone wants the new skinny tvs and just practically dumps their older tv.
    Old TVs is a big source of e-waste and I think it is important to utilize existing good TV's as much as possible instead of buying a new high tech TV.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    My tv is bought beginning '90's. Does it work for those as well?
    Or is this only for those LCD/LED/LASER TV's?

    Blown fuse is very common reason why TV does not work at all. This is very useful guide since it does not take much time to replace fuse and than you can watch tv on your LCD television or CRT TV.


    10 years ago on Step 4

    Now I can stay in my room and watch TV instead of having to leave to date women or work on my social life.

    Yay television! TV makes living much easier and interesting, especially if it works.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    I have no idea, it didn't even looked burnt out but it started working as soon as I replaced it.