Replace Your Zippo Flint With Flint From a Dead BIC




Intro: Replace Your Zippo Flint With Flint From a Dead BIC

these are step by step instruction on how to replace the flint in you Zippo with some from a disposible BIC light that has run out of gas.

Step 1: Removing the Flint and Disassembling Your Zippo

if your flint is too small from being worn down, or just completly gone, you will need to take apart your zippo. do this by removing the metal portion fomr the colored shell, the same as you would to refill the lighter.

Step 2: Taking Apart Your Dead BIC

first remove the metal sheild that surrounds where the flame would be.
Also, remove the saftey if you have one.
you can do both of these steps with a pair of needle nose pliers.
just grab, twist, and pull. both should come off fairly easily.
next, put the lighter in a clear plastic bag.
the lighter is spring loaded and if you don't take it apart in a clear plastic bag,
the parts wil fly out and be lost forever.
through the bag, grab the wheel with a pair of pliers.
carefully pull it to on side. after one side of the rod holding it in pops out,
it should come out easily. as soon as the wheel is removed,
the flint and spring will shoot out. the spring is about and inch to an inch and half long. the flint is about 3/32" in diameter.

Step 3: Cutting Down the Flint

once you have taken apart the bic, lay out all the parts.
it should look something like this.
you will have a dead lighter body, spring, wheel, sheild, and flint.
the only thing you will need for this project is the flint.
place the flint in a pair of wire cutters, (usually found on needle nose pliers.)
put the pliers back inside the clear plastic bag.
you will be cutting the flint in half (length wise) becusae it is about twice as long
as it needs to be. the purpose of the bag is to prevent the flint from shooting across the room. next, simply cut the flint in half.

Step 4: Replacing Your Flint in Your Zippo

unscrew the bronze screw on the bottum of your zippo "guts."
there will be a long spring attached to this, pull it out.
turn your zippo right side up, and shake it to make sure there is no
flint or anything else in the tube. next drop the flint you cut down the tube.
replace the spring and push it down and screw it in.
it won't be flush with the bottum, but it will close.
put the lighter back together and try it out.
if the wheel doesn't spin, the flint is too big.
you can either cut it down more, or file it down with a metal file and pliers.

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Reply 2 years ago

No, gasoline is a fluid, gas is a state of matter where the atoms are spread farther apart.


Reply 2 years ago

Both Gasses and Liquids are fluids. Look it up if you dont believe me.

Erlich du MenschDeathsHeadK

Reply 6 months ago

You are correct, sir. I once interviewed a professor of engineering and the topic of fluids (water, oil, bleach) came up. The prof informed me that GAS is considered a fluid because it follows the same laws of physics as do other fluids such as water.


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yes but you quoted lol in the end its all some kind of gas

gas and fuel are different things

Please do your home work before acting like a rude genius. Butane is a gas. Period. It may take a liquid form under pressure, but since it appears in a gas form in atmospheric pressure it is a gas.

Google it!


1 year ago

um why are you people arguing over the fluid or butane? He's not saying that at all. th flint is all he's talking about. You can get a regular lighter to kind of work with this fix, but It's not recommended for the good of the lighter. These flints corrode easily and quickly.


2 years ago

Cheers. Never would've thought of this


2 years ago

This worked great, thank you! There are no retailers for zippo flints within a thousand miles, no kidding.

I'm not sure if there's a difference in the sizes between regular Bic lighters and Mini Bics, but I used the flint from a mini Bic and it fit perfectly, I didn't have to cut it.