Replaceable Sole

Introduction: Replaceable Sole

Why create a sneaker with a removable sole?

As I trained for my first half marathon this past April, I found myself purchasing new running sneakers much more frequently then I would have liked. This is because the soles of my shoes wore down quickly with increased mileage and excess miles on shoes is one of the biggest causes of a running injury. In order to prevent injury and save money, create your own Run for the Sole sneaker!! You can do this by following the steps below, using only a few simple materials!

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Step 1: Obtain "Worn-Out" Sneaker

This sneaker won't be worn out for long! The first step is easy; just find an old shoe that is worn out! I used my sneakers from last year.

Step 2: Carefully Cut Existing Sole

For this step, it is crucial to follow a straight line around the shoe. I would recommend first tracing around the bottom of the sole, and then cutting along this line. For best results, use a blade or similar sharp object to cut off the sole. Only cut about a quarter inch from the bottom of the sole (it is likely that this part of your shoe will be a different color). When you are done, the bottom should be flat as shown.

Step 3: Cut Your New Sole

The ideal material for your new sole is a sponge -- it is soft and water absorbent (so you will not slip in the rain!). You will want to obtain a sponge large enough to fit your entire shoe (I super glued two together). Trace an outline of your shoe on the sponge and cut!!

Step 4: Cut Holes

Using one "sample" magnet as a guide for size, trace holes in pencil on the sponge and flat sole. Then, using an exacto knife, cut these holes out from both surfaces.

Step 5: Insert Magnets

Using hot glue and super glue, insert magnets into holes. If magnets won't stick to sponge, sew them using a pin and needle. DO NOT attach shoe and sole until glue is completley dry!

Step 6: Apply Felt

To ensure a pleasing aesthetic and a longer lasting sole, cover sides of sponge in felt. Do not cover the "toe" part of the sponge (leave around 2-3 inches without felt in the front). If applied here, the felt will wear too quickly because it is the "striking point" of the sneaker.

Step 7: Wear and Enjoy!!!

You have now created a sneaker will a removeable sole. Enjoy not having to buy new shoes & change your sole as needed!

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    2 years ago

    That's an interesting way to make them reuseable :)