Replacement Bracket for a Schwinn Bicycle Wicker Basket


Introduction: Replacement Bracket for a Schwinn Bicycle Wicker Basket

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So there I sat; by the grass at the back of a Kmart parking lot. It was a lovely day except for the smell of dog poop which made me fear actually sitting in the grass. I had just spray painted the wicker basket I'd bought moments ago and was about to mount the bracket while the basket was drying. To my surprise, the mounting bracket that came with the basket did not fit onto my handlebars. Oh, woe is me, what's a guy to do?! I can't take it back because I just painted it. I wandered the parking lot a little and found a piece of wind shield washer rubber. I used that to tie the basket to my bike and then I headed home and made this bracket.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

Scrap pieces of wood
A few zip ties
Electrical, rubber or duct tape

Drill and bits
File and sandpaper

Step 2: Coming Up With a Design

The bracket that came with the basket used two clamps to wrap around the handle bars. These clamps were too small and I felt they wouldn't hold up to me forcing them on. There was also a piece under the clamps that is to rest on the stem or neck to support the basket.

For my new bracket I decided to create it just for this type of bike. I would hook the bracket under the neck of the handlebar and over the handlebars. The weight of the basket will hold it in place. To farther secure it I would use a few zip ties. The design proved to be quite sturdy and I am left with a piece of wood that I could use as a place to attach other things to the "dashboard".

Step 3: Create the 'U'

The 'U' is what will wrap around the neck of the handlebars. Maybe it is called something else but I'm calling it a neck. To create this; measure the diameter of the neck and use a drill bit that size to drill a hole in a piece of wood. I used plywood for this. Next cut out the U shape. Leave plenty of wood on the two ends of the U, the ends can be shortened later.

Step 4: Create the Top Bar

Drill a hole that is the diameter of your handle bars, in a small piece of wood.

Cut that piece of wood in half the long way, right through the center of the hole.

Step 5: Attach 'U' to Topbar

Clean up the parts a bit.

Place the U and a top bar into position on your bicycle so that the top bar sits horizontally when the Bottom of the U is all the way against the neck. Mark where the U and top bar meet. Attach the top bar to the U at that point.

To attach the top bar, drill a pilot hole through the U and into the end of the top bar.
Screw them together.

Step 6: Make Drop Bar

This is the piece that will hang down over the handle bar and attach to the original mounting plastic.

Get a piece of wood that is slightly thicker than the piece you have on the top of your bracket.

With your bracket temporarily held in place over the handle bar, place the basket in the vertical position you want it. Determine the length of your drop bar by measuring from the top of the top bar to the bottom of the basket mount.

Use the old mount points on the basket as a template for cutting the new piece of wood. The wood piece must have a protrusion to the place the plastic attaches. There must be enough room for the basket mounting to slide past the wood.

Drill pilot holes through the existing holes of the plastic piece and into the piece of wood you cut out.

I put a slight cut out onto the other side of the wood where it attaches to the bracket. This really isn't necessary.

Attach the drop bars by drilling a pilot hole through them and into the top bar. Screw them fast.

You should end up with a piece that looks similar to the picture. This piece can slide right into position on your handlebars.

Step 7: File, Sand, Paint, Tape

Clean up all the edges and smooth out your assembly

Place one screw into the end to hang your mounting bracket. Use that screw to hang up the mounting bracket so you can spray paint it.

When the paint has dried. Put rubber tape or some other thick tape at the points where the wood will contact the handle bars. This is to protect your handle bars.

Step 8: Attach and Ride!

Place the mounting bracket over your handle bars.

Screw fast the mounting plate that came with your basket.

Zip tie the mounting bracket secure so that it can not move.

Slide your basket into place, get on your bike and feel the wind in your hair!

...Now, what to do with the dish pan on the back.. Hmm, my wheels are turning. Could this be another instructable?



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    It worked well so I was happy. Not sure if it's nicer though, It is a bit bigger than the original bracket.