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Introduction: Replacing Fuses - Power Inverter

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This Instructable will show you how to replace the fuses on a Black and Decker 800 watt power inverter. The specs say it will power up to 6.96 AMPS. 120V/ 60HZ. It is suppose to have a fault indicator,(little red light) when limits are exceeded but alas it just died when overloaded. 6.96 does not mean 7. Ok, now where do i plug in the new fuse? No where on the outside. Let"s look inside.

Step 1: What Is Needed

We will need:
  •     Phillips Head Screwdriver
  •     Soldering iron / gun
  •     Solder
  •     Solder pump (optional)
  •     3- 30AMP Fuses
  •     Tweezers / Needle nose Pliers
  •     800W power inverter with blown fuses
  •     Vise or other means of holding steady while soldering

Step 2: Removing the Screws

Now locate and remove all of the screws. There are 5 screws, 2 in each end of the inverter and one on the bottom. Place the screws in a safe location so you do not lose them. 

Step 3: Disassembly

Once you have removed all of the screws Grasp the end of the inverter with the plugs and firmly apply pressure. At the same time lift off the end cover being careful of the two tabs. Next locate the white connector, this wire leads to the power indicator led, disconnect it. Grasp the Black end of the inverter and carefully slide the unit out of the shell.

Step 4: Locating and Removing the Old Fuses

After you have removed the guts from the casing lift the black part to expose the 3 30AMP fuses. Secure the inverter in your work area using vise being careful not to damage the board. Before soldering be sure to have proper ventilation. Heat the solder joints to remove the blown fuses. Try not to expose nearby components to any more heat than necessary. Use Solder pump or De soldering wick to remove excess Solder fuse holes.

Step 5: Install New Fuses and Reassemble

Now that the blown fuses have been removed get your new fuses ready by test fitting them and trimming if necessary. They did not interfere at factory length so i did not trim mine. Heat the joint, insert the fuse and flow solder into each joint. repeat this for each fuse. once all fuses have been replaced inspect your joints for bridges, if all joints are clean then reinstall in reverse be sure to plug the led back in. A Tool Resurrected.  Seriously considering installing an easy change fuse port in case this happens again... if i do ill amend this 'ible.   Thanks!

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    4 years ago

    I found it easier to buy mini automotive fuses that are half the size of the blade ones, leave the old burned out fuses in place, turn over the board and solder 3x30 fuses to the other side. Taking the plastic off the fuses makes them thin enough to clear the case when reassembling. Too bad someone can't find a fuse holder that would fit, so its easy to change em next time.


    I have this exact power inverter. It was labeled as "Brand New In Box" on eBay and came with this issue. (I just didn't want to deal with return shipping) Now it works perfectly.