Replacing Rifle Laser Button With Momentary Switch

Introduction: Replacing Rifle Laser Button With Momentary Switch

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My Rifle laser is using an on-off switch at its back. I need to turn it on and off frequently to save my batteries. A little bit annoying. Then I replace it with a rifle scope. It was when I was hunting for rats in a semi dark room, my scope was blind. Then my abandoned laser crossed my mind. "Let's tweak it," I was exciting ...

Well, you can buy the latest rifle scope with built in red or green laser and night view, but that way too expensive for my budget. And also wasting my already owned laser.

Looked around I found an old single AA phone battery charger, which cap fit my laser. It uses stereo jack so there is already a hole in the middle of the cap. I keep my laser cap. If I want to sell it later, I can put it back on its original form ^_^

Step 1: Materials

  • A rifle laser.
  • A single AA phone battery charger case.
  • A spring [Any, with the size fit in the case. I think I get this one from a printer].
  • A tactical momentary switch [which I get from a fax machine].
  • Two pieces of wire. Depends on where you want to put your laser and the switch. 3 cm in my case.

Step 2: Prepare the Cap

Photo 1 : Measure the spring we are going to use. Make sure it is not too long for the pressure will pop out the cap.

Photo 2 : Attach one cable (yellow) on the spring. You can abandon the wire color. I use different colors just for better explanation in this iBle. They are connecting Battery (+) to the laser metal body (laser diode positive), split by a switch.

Photo 3 : Put another wire (black) on the cap thread so that it touches the laser metal body when we put the cap on.

Photo 4 : Well, I use some hot glue to firm the cables on their places.

Photo 5 : Solder both wires to the tactical momentary switch, one on each post. We are done with the laser cap.

Step 3: Attach and Calibrate

I simply stick the laser and the switch with hot glue. I put the switch above the fore-stock, where my left thumb reach the button easily.

In photo number four you see that the laser dot is slightly on bottom left area of the center. Well, it is because I put the laser on the left side of the pellet barrel, and slightly lower. I calibrate the laser to shoot a target at 15 meters in distance. Take a look at next step.

Step 4: On Field Testing

I aim at the bricks 15 meters away, see that now the laser dot is aligned on the center of my scope. In my tests, the laser dot can hit well on the target at 12 meters to 18 meters. Less than that, I should aim slightly lower left of the target. More than 18 meters, I should aim slightly higher right side of the target.

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