Replacing Shoelaces




Introduction: Replacing Shoelaces

This is an instructable/manual/tutorial to show you an effective way to insert shoelaces in a pair of shoes.

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Step 1: Step 1: Prepping

After taking out the old shoelaces insert the new shoelace through the two bottom lace holes of the shoe. Insert from the outside of one hole through the inside of the other.
Make sure both ends sticking out of the shoe are the same length.

Step 2: Step 2: Inserting

Take both ends of the shoelace and insert them holes right above the ones you've already put the lace through. Place both ends in the hole on the opposite side. You may insert the shoelaces from the outside or inside of the shoe.
Repeat this step for the next two holes above until you have reached the top lace hole.
The end result is shown in the third picture of this step.

Step 3: Video Demonstration

These are videos review steps 1 and 2.
Thank You for reading this tutorial and I hope it helps! =]

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