Replacing a Starter Solenoid (Honda Civic 1999, D15B Engine).




Introduction: Replacing a Starter Solenoid (Honda Civic 1999, D15B Engine).

My oem starter solenoid starter giving trouble as in the car refused to start! After doing servicing of the 17 year old solenoid I decided a new one is needed.

The first step in replacing the solenoid is to disconnect the car battery. The tools needed are a Ratchet, short and long extensions, 10mm 12mm and 14mm sockets.

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Step 1: Disconnecting the Starter Wiring.

A small and heavy wire needs to be dropped out. The big cable uses a 12mm nut.

Step 2: Removing the Starter.

Two 14mm bolts hold the starter to the engine and using the extensions they easily came out.

Step 3: Removing the Oem Solenoid.

A 12mm nut hold the heavy wire to the motor. Two 10mm nuts hold the solenoid to the motor body.

Step 4: Lubing the Motor.

I took the opportunity to spray powerlube into the motor and let it drain out at the drain plug. This is the fastest way to clean the motor plus lubricate! Been doing it for years and the motor kicks off really nicely.

Step 5: Comparison.

Old and new side by side. Notice the protective grommet is missing from the oem since it got deteriorated years ago.

Step 6: Installing the New Solenoid.

The solenoid has to fit it's end into the fork arrangement shown. After its just to bolt the solenoid back and now it's ready for the last step.

Step 7: Putting the Refreshed Starter Into the Car.

That's it! Once all the bolts and nuts are torqued plus the wiring reinstated the car is ready for the road!

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