Replacing a Toilet Tank Float Valve.

Introduction: Replacing a Toilet Tank Float Valve.

This tank valve leaks when full. The plastic has rotted. Time to replace!

Step 1: Disconnecting the Water Supply.

Shutting off the valve then placing a bucket under the float valve supply, I removed the connection.

Step 2: Removing the Old Float Valve.

Using the pipe wrench I removed the float valve and the float ball from it.

Step 3: Installing the New Float Valve.

Assembling the new valve with the original float ball, I installed it I secured it via the plastic nut. The strain relief plastic rod I cut to the required length and now I'm ready for the water supply.

Step 4: Water Supply.

Using thread seal, I reconnected the water supply.

Step 5: Unforeseen Problem.

The new arm for float ball is way too long so I had to resort to the old arm. The problem was the holes for the pivot onto the valve did not line up properly. Instead of going back to the hardware angry, I used a small plastic cable tie to act as the hinge through the narrow holes.

Step 6: Completion!

The toilet tested fine and zero leaks. I actually did 2 toilets tanks today so I'm taking a rest for now. It pays to keep the old parts!

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