Replacing a Digital Camera LCD

Introduction: Replacing a Digital Camera LCD

This is a Cannon Digital ELPH Power Shot Model SD1400IS. I love this little camera and use it a lot. After paying $149 (refurbished), I invested another $50 for an Eye-Fi Memory Card. Used it for 3 years then broke the LCD by accidently piling some heavy items on top of it.

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Step 1: Ordered a New LCD From Rongstar Digital on EBay for $12.99 (free Shipping)

While you are waiting it's arrival, make sure the camera is off (lens retracted), remove the battery pack and memory card.

Step 2: Disassemble Camera.

There are six (6) screws holding the front, back and sides together. The front and back have interconnecting tabs so all the screws MUST be removed.

Step 3: Six Screws.

The screws are tiny Phillips head screws. Make sure you remember which screws go where as some are longer than others.

Step 4: Total Disassembly.

You may need a spudger to loosen the parts from each other. Once all the parts are disassembled, you can remove the LCD from the camera body.

Step 5: Ribbon Connector.

The ribbon connector for the LCD is on the FRONT side of the camera. This connector is very delicate! You must first flip the black latch part back away from the ribbon before it will release. Use tweezers or a toothpick to do this. Pull the ribbon cable straight up and out of the connector. Then use the spudger again to loosen the LCD from the body.

Step 6: Install the New LCD.

The ribbon cable threads through a slot in the camera from the back. Reverse the procedure for removing the LCD. Don't forget to gently snap the black latch into place once you have fully seated the ribbon cable.

Step 7: It Works!

Insert the battery pack and memory card. Insure that the camera works before you put the back on. The selector switch of the back cover MUST mate with the selector switch of the camera.(I placed them both in the "AUTO" most vertical position).

Step 8: Re-assemble (Back View)

Take care to note the interconnecting tabs before replacing the screws.

Step 9: You Are Done.

Always inspect your final assembly and test for correct operation in all modes.

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