Replacing a Fuel Pressure Regulator (Honda Civic 1999 D16Y7)!




My 1999 civic still had its oem fuel pressure regulator. Now this thing has some age and I'm currently replacing the old oem components throughout the car. I'm one of the few who likes owning one loyal vehicle. For the past 12 years she has been quite a hard worker. Now it's time again for improvement.


Step 1: Removing the Old Regulator.

Using a pliers to remove the hose clip I slid the hose out at the base of the regulator. Using a 10mm socket and Rachet I took out the two bolts and took off the vacuum tubing.

Step 2: Side by Side Comparison.

Here is the old oem on left next to the new one. See the difference in the vacuum port? Not a problem since the vacuum tubing is long enough.

Step 3: Install the New One.

Installation is the reverse of removal. Duh. The hose clip I replaced with a hose clamp for a firmer install. Started the car and she purrs just fine. Ah... Good girl.



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