Replacing an LCD Backlight With Sunlight Via Fiber Optic Cables

Introduction: Replacing an LCD Backlight With Sunlight Via Fiber Optic Cables

An hour long test. Not bad. This could be an addition to regular LED backlighting in displays potentially. A constant intensity monitor would have to adjust the LEDs to conpensate for the sunlights inconsistency.

I envision a roof top covered in small lenses which collect the sun and direct it various parts of the house. One could even charge solar electronics with it where there is no sunlight.

Or... we can just wait for OLED to become mainstream. :)

Many downfalls of this as a potential real-world light source:

1. Light changes intensity and color throughout the day, would need to compensate in LCD or with LEDs in display.

2. A focusing lense is needed even for this small display. It would have to track the suns position for optimum light pick-up.

3. Heat could be an issue. Use a cold filter?

4. Fiber optic cable is expensive. This forty feet cost $24 at a bulk dicount store. Larger versions would be costly.

5. No local dimming allowed with this, as newer sets have for increased contrast ratios.

There are others, but this was a quick fun test. Feel free to rip it apart! :D

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    As far as cost goes, look around for places that sell (or throw out!) damaged or otherwise irregular fiber optic cable. This usage doesn't require cable to be in "good" condition, since it doesn't need to carry a signal.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Even with "bad condition cable", it would not work.
    When you damage(or bend) a fiber optic cable, even the light stop going trough it.