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Introduction: Replacing an XBOX DVD Drive

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My XBOX DVD drive was slowly going bad, so I decided to replace it. Figured it would give me something to do while I search for a 360.

Step 1: Open the Case

There are 6 #20 Torx screws on the bottom of the case. Each is hidden under stickers or the padded feet on the case.

Step 2: Take Out the Old Drive

To remove the old drive, simply remove 2 #10 Torx screws from the plastic bracket attached to the DVD drive. Then, push in the plastic tab (noted above) and gently pull up on the drive.

The drive is connected to the XBOX with an IDE cable and a power cable. Disconnect both.

Step 3: Remove Old Drive Faceplate and Place on New Drive

The XBOX DVD drives have a plastic faceplate. You will need to remove the faceplate from the old drive by pulling out slightly then up.

The process for adding the faceplate to the new drive is the reverse. Slide the faceplate down from the top of the drive door.

Step 4: Place New Drive in the Case

Adding the new drive is the same as removing the old drive... but in reverse. Attach the IDE and power cables securely, then slip the drive into place. You should hear a click when the bracket snaps into place.

Reattach the 2 #10 Torx screws to secure the drive.

Step 5: Close the Case

Reattach all 6 screws in the case and the rubber feet and you're done!



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    I need to know where to get one and what are the best drive replacement(s) options?!

    ok im totally new to this tech stuff but as of today discovered im not as thick as i thought i was lol ive stripped it down cleaned it all out including lense and mirror and everything else however my xbox is old and still have dirty disc/ damaged disc problems however i have a spare PC tower can anyone tell me if i swap the dvd drives will the one from the PC work in my original xbox please help

    as long as i flash the bios (if needed) the limit to using another disc drive is endless correct? im not trying to make mine SUPER thin, but ive been piecing together a project by swapping out componants (HDD, ports, adding wireless adapter, etc.) but wanting a little more than a case mod im working on slimming up the unit-why im asking is i want to put in a slot load disc drive instead of the tray load one in it already

    I want to replace my xbox lens with a normal dvd lens to see if it will work. But before I do that I want to know if someone has done it before and the risk.

    2 replies

    well..the issue would be the sheer harward compatiblity,.. you CAN get away with a PC dvd drive in an xbox.. but now replacing with a regular dvd lens inside the stock xbox drive may be rollnig the dice... i would look for a hardware compatibilty list.. you can buy replacement lasers for dirt cheap on amazon..

    If you did replace it and it didn't work, it shouldn't hurt your xbox. I wouldn't worry about that aspect. The only real problem is the power source for it, because an xbox uses a different type of power cord for their DVD drives than normal computer ones do. You could build your own if you wanted to though!


    12 years ago

    Actualy it doesnt need to be a Xbox Drive, You can use a common power splitter to take power from the Hard Drive. Now, there are some issues with this!!! 1: The Standard PC DVD will not fit with the case on. 2: The Yellow cable are not used. 3: You cannot use the Xbox Eject button. But other wise you can use a PC DVD drive. But for the same money you can just get a XBox DVD drive....

    1 reply

    <a rel="nofollow" href="">engineering</a>If anyone compare the price of any new one xbox dvd .........then he can easily got need to follow this engineering....oh for new one can try .<br/>

    2 replies

    umm hard time telling what you are saying there... but if you are referring to the 360 at all it does not apply here as this is a tutorial discussing the XBox (sometimes referred to as XBox 1 or Classic).

    The original came with 8 gb, later models appeared with 10gb and there were reports of 20gb models (but artifically capped to 8gb) as well.

    1 reply

    Could I buy any normal DVD-ROM IDE Drive and get it to work?

    1 reply

    if it is soft or hard modded and the bios is altered.. but it is only certain drives (i believe some Samsung and LG brand ones can)

    That doesn't really look difficult at all. What is the cost for the xbox specific drive? I was looking at buying a functioning console to play around with, but some people practically give away broken ones. When an original xbox console goes bad, how often is it the disc drive? What else can go wrong, and how often?

    1 reply

    depends on brand and avaliablility. sometimes it is cheaper to just get a new laser and replace that as it is easier to get the replacement laser, than the whole drive. and if it is the Thompson brand drive it can be the usual problem (Thompson dvd drives are notorious for failing).

    Hmm may be able to get another old xbox for free do u think i could install Xbox linux on it put a Dvd rw and use it as a TIVO and use it for burning discs (Make a usb adapter too)