Replacing the HDD in Dell Inspiron 3147.

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Intro: Replacing the HDD in Dell Inspiron 3147.

Here is how to remove the internal battery for replacement.

Step 1: Removing the Bottom Cover.

Using a small Phillips head screwdriver, 9 screws came off the bottom cover. Using a flat blade screwdriver I carefully pried the edge clips off Starting on the side of the display hinges.

Step 2: Removing the Hdd.

The battery should be removed prior to HDD removal but it is not necessary though recommended. The HDD is held by a caddy and secured to the case with 3 screws. The caddy has 4 screws to hold the HDD.

Step 3: Replacing With an Ssd.

The SATA connector has to be dropped out of the HDD and the bare HDD taken out of the caddy. Installing the SSD is the reverse of removal of the HDD.

Step 4: Setting the BIOS.

For my new SSD I needed to enable legacy boot in the bios. During power up, pressing the F2 key will get the bios options. In the BOOT tab, secure boot must be disabled.

Now the netbook boots extremely fast and uses less power!



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    1 year ago

    does it improve the performance by much? i have one at home and i dont know if i want to spend anothe $50 on making it better it it will bottleneck with the cpu

    1 reply

    Reply 1 year ago

    Yes large performance improvement. A high end ssd will always help but it boils down to budget. I used a free low end 32gb ssd and so far I'm happy. Maybe in the future I may upgrade but it is not critical.