Replacing the Power Chair Bearings- Permobile C300

About: I am a teacher who enjoys environmentally responsible woodworking. Most evenings will find me in the shop working with my now 8 year old son Shay who is both my greatest helper and biggest fan.

Living a life of limited mobility is difficult, to do so in the country more so.  Living where a service call might take 2 weeks, more if parts are needed can make owning a power chair frustrating.  I have worked with Kelli's chairs since she was a student of mine.  This new chair is very nice but has issues about every four months with the rear pivot wheels.  By the time she knows they are failing and can make the service call sometimes it is too late.  Total bearing failure leads to damaged and missing parts and on one occasion being stranded in the road.  I am working with her to make bearing failure far less frequent and much less expensive.



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    2 years ago

    Tighten the nut holding the wheel fork in place with
    a torque wrench.
    Tightening torque: 33 Nm.
    Tighten the screw holding the friction plate in place
    with a torque wrench.
    Tightening torque: 15 Nm.

    from the manual.