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Logitech UE 984-000304 Boombox Wireless Bluetooth Speaker aka known as "Boombox" is a very popular Bluetooth wireless speaker with great design, easy operability and great sound. You can pair it with up to 4 mobile phones or tablets and play your favorite music wireless while you're outdoor.

Currently you can get these Boomboxes for as low as US$ 165.

BUT: these devices have one drawback: the battery included is not lasting very long or can even give up over time.

This instructable will explain how to exchange the battery of the Boombox with a battery with much more capacity. This will give you nearly twice the music duration with this box for only a few bucks.

Disclaimer: We're not responsible for any damage to your devices or other damages. Be aware that the warranty of the Boombox will expire when you manually change the battery of the device.

Ok, legal blablah done, let's get started!

Step 1: What You Need

First you need to order a new battery for your Boombox. The technical term for this kind of batteries is "NCR18650". The one included in your Boombox should be a 2100mAh battery from i.e. Sanyo or another manufacturer.

The trick now is: there are loads of other batteries available with a much higher capacity that have the same size! We've tested with a Panasonic 3400mAh battery for around US$ 15 that has an approx. 40% longer runtime then the original battery of the Boombox. Any NCR18650 should do the job; the more mAh, the better. There are also some available with a solder tails already attached: this will make the soldering easier later, but they also cost a few $ more. Depending on your soldering skills, you should perhaps buy one with solder tails. Hint: NCR18650B will do the job as well.

This is the complete list of things you need:

Step 2: Unmounting the Old Battery

First you need to unmount the old battery from your Boombox. Turn it around and unscrew the small cross screw on the bottom. Then you will get access to the old battery. Remove it from the Boombox.

The battery is wrapped in some isolating black plastic. Use a knife to cut it and remove the plastic. Be gentle, you can use it later again to wrap the new battery.

Use the soldering iron to unsolder the attached electronics from the old battery.

Step 3: Solder New Battery

You now need to solder the new battery to the electronics. These electronics control the charging of the battery and are very important!

Just gently solder the + and - (compare with the old battery direction) of the electronics to the new battery + and - .

Now use the old black isolating plastic to wrap the electronics and battery to protect it. Use some isolating tape to strap it all together again.

Step 4: Mounting New Battery

Then put back the new battery into your Boombox housing. Reattach the power strips to the plug. Watch out that you connect the power strips in the correct direction.

This might take some time and might be tricky, but it should all fit into the housing again. Now use the screw driver again to close the housing.

Step 5: All Done

You should now be able to charge the Boombox. If you've made everything right, your Boombox should now have a much longer runtime on battery than before. The volume of the device should be constant for a much longer time.

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13 Discussions


3 years ago

Fantastic instructable--I replaced with the recommended battery and it is working great. A few notes, though:
1) Be careful how you solder and re-tape. It is a cery tricky fit to get it back in if you over-tape.
2) Desoldering and resoldering could use a bit more attention in the post. For me, this was the first time atteptng this and it is a bit tricky if you don't know ehat to expect; that is, it might be helpful to watch a few videos on the subject of soldering first before fully soldemizing your boombox.


3 years ago

Can i do this for the ue boombox? For double power


4 years ago on Introduction

I am wondering about the "isolating tape". What is the real name for this tape? Can you use electrical tape?

3 replies

Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

Thanks!! I am going to make a second battery without a charge controller that can just be swapped into the boombox. Do you happen to know the type of battery connectors being used? I don't actually have my Boombox yet. It will arrive in the mail soon. I am pre planning my hack :)


Reply 3 years ago

Did you find a connector that will work yet? I'm having the same idea.


3 years ago on Step 5

hey thanks for this post! I'm going to a place that has no electricity so i'm trying to make multiple batteries and charge them all. But i will need to have separate connectors and the metal piece that connects to the battery? Do you know what the parts are called so I can make multiple batteries? i'm guessing all i need is that connector strip with the black white and red wires and a metal piece that connects to the top and bottom of the battery?


Reply 3 years ago on Introduction

Hello, later past day i did try to disasemlbe it but i was luck to remove only the metal ring (or how do you say it) so it was not sucsefull. But thought a better way. To add to the outside of the boombox 2x 18650 battery holder. Can I do that? Becouse i dont need it to good look. Maybe you get the idea?