Replacing the Valve Cover Gasket on My Honda Civic 1999 D15B Engine.

About: Update 12 September 2017: A very special thanks to Sam Elder, a manager here at Instructables, who tracked down the cause of my lost publications and fixed the issue. Take a bow Sam!

Intro: Replacing the Valve Cover Gasket on My Honda Civic 1999 D15B Engine.

My honda civic engine for years has been weeping oil. It's a nasty sight but common in many vehicles. I decided to replace the valve cover gasket to stop this oil grime.

Step 1: Taking Off the Bolts.

Spark lug wires, support brackets for the wires and accelerator cable, plus the 5 bolts needed to come off first. Pretty straightforward.

Step 2: Removing the Valve Cover and Cleaning.

Just a tilt and lift and the cover came off. I removed all the old gasket material plus the oem gasket from the cover. I used a flat head screwdriver for this task.

Step 3: Replacing the Cover Gasket and Spark Plug Tube Seals.

The new gasket was a simple slip in. I put engine safe gasket compound as per Honda recommendation onto 4 spots.

The spark plug tube seals I removed with the screwdriver and my Rachet as a hammer. They were hard and brittle. The new seals have a soft inner area. Those were installed by simply pressing in.

Step 4: Completion!

Using the Honda civic manual, I reinstalled the bolts and torqued in order to 9.8Nm.

Hopefully now I should not have oil weeping and a cleaner engine bay!



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