Replica 3D Little Spongebob Movie Size

Introduction: Replica 3D Little Spongebob Movie Size

Instructions from my 9 year old point of view!

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Step 1: Glue Together Items

You will need glue and felt.

Cut the sponge very little to match small movie size.

You need color markers and color paper along with hot glue.

Spend about 1 hour to make sure you design the little movie version.

Attach the various matching pieces to look like the 3D SpongeBob.

Step 2: Finish With Detail Using Color Markers

Make it all look 3D real!

Have the sponge where you can put on the eyes.

Make his pants, socks, and shoes along with tie and white shirt.

Make the mouth out of paper, use the leftover sponge to make his hands.

Bring it all together as you would see on the movie or in YouTube!!

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