Repo Man DIY Night Green Lens Shade

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save your night vision. as a BONUS , this reduces the NOTICE of those not directly in line with your Green Light.

the SIDE light is very unNoticable.

animals do not get alarmed by green light.

Step 1: Soda Bottle Caps Make a Quickie Night Vision Shade

Red , Green, Blue Caps can all become a fast lens shade with a 3/4" x 5" strip of Duck tape!

wrap it around to prevent side light, tuck it into teh cap . to create a press fit on Mini Mag.

NOTE: the new brighter LED bulb upgrades do a MUCH better job as far as Lumens output.

Step 2: Duck Tape Finish

this step keeps side light off the neighbors radar! the "Green" beam or shaft of light is very subdued.

unless they are straight on to the beam, even then its so reduced at any distance.

its not as eye catching as white light .

animals are not alarmed by green light.

your night vision is not comprised.

my Fav cap is the LIME green caps.

Enjoy Night Hunters




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