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Introduction: Repourpose Old Tv Cabinet

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I needed a tv stand that could hold my 55 in flat screen but couldn't find a tv stand cheap enough that was wide enough. I noticed though there were a lot of tv cabinets for free though so I decided to figure out a way to reuse one for my needs. From here spawned the idea for this instructable. I didn't think about taking pictures until after I cut the sides off so no pictures of me sawing. Sorry.

Materials Needed:
Tv cabinet
Power Saw
4 L Brackets

Step 1: Find an Old Tv Cabinet

There are several of these out there in various condition. I got mine for free on craigslist. I used one similar to this except it had a sliding dvd storage the height of where the tv goes. That's the reason for two middle braces in mine.

Step 2: Figure Out What Design You Need

I decided I wanted a space for my DVD player and cable box so I cut the sides to 4 inches above the first shelf for I total of 28in. I then cut the pieces around the dvd shelf to 4 in for a middle support. I secured these 4 in pieces from the bottom with wood screws.

Step 3: Figure Up How to Attach Top

So looking at the top I wanted to keep a solid surface and not drill down through it. To do this I used 4 L brackets in the corners so that I didn't have to worry about it going anywhere. I found it easiest to mock the top on then mark the places for the brackets. Then pre drill the holes for securing the L brackets by removing the top again. Screw the brackets onto the top then onto the sides. Makes things a lot easier.

Step 4: Enjoy Your New Flat Screen Tv Stand!

By this point everything should be set to test it out and see if it'll hold the weight of a tv. As long as everything looks good enjoy!



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    3 Discussions

    This is well thought out. I need sewing room storage and I think this will also work for me in there. Thank you for sharing.

    Great idea! I'm going to be needing to furnish my new apartment in the next few months (on a students budget) and I think that this is just great!