Lizard Care


Have you ever caught a lizard and tried keeping it for a few days but then it got sick or died?  Here's some tips on how to keep them.
1.Identify the lizard and find out what they eat.
NOTE-do not feed the lizard as soon as you catch it,let the lizard get used to its cage for at least 30 minutes.  The lizard may be in shock from being caught and if it eats while in shock, it could die.
2.Find out what kind of enviroment they live in.
3. When you make the cage for it, make it look as close as you can to its natural enviroment.
4.This will let the lizard get used to you better also.
5.If you want to be able to take out your lizard and hold it without it freaking out,start early and and take the lizard out and hold it daily

If you need help creating the aquarium/cage for your lizard,visit the next pages.
If you cant figure out what it needs, coment  on it and please include the type of lizard. I will research it and help you with it.

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Step 1: Desert Lizards

Note the examples I use are for lizards 4-6 inches long.  All you have to do other wise is make the cage bigger or smaller.  What you need:
-a 10 to 15 gallon aquarium
-1 gallon of sand or enough to cover the bottom
-a small cave or some kind of shelter(a large flat rock will work)
-a water dish big enough for the lizard to fit in in case it gets hot
-a stick
-at lest one rock big enough for the lizard to fit on(for basking in the heat)
-2 smaller rocks
What to do-
1. pour sand into the aquarium
2.put the shelter on one side and the water on the other
3.put the small rocks in random places and the basking rock in the middle of the aquarium
4.put the stick in the middle too
5.keep the heat lamp in the middle so it focuses on the rock and stick
-keep the water dish full and the heat lamp on at least an hour a day
It costs a little extra but buy a reptile bulb for the heat lamp.  This will provide the lizard with UVA light.

Step 2:



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