Reptile Water Feeder



Introduction: Reptile Water Feeder

This is an easy instructable on making a water feeder for small animals.

My girlfriend has been helping a sick leopard gecko. We got it from a relative that didn't know what to do. He got so weak he could no longer catch his own food or climb into his old rock water bowl. So some one explained to my girlfriend how to make a water feeder for him that he could reach.

I belive this could be used for other animals.

We have been hand feeding our very skinny gecko for about 2 weeks now. He seems to be doing ok. He has yet to eat on his own but started drinking. We hope he will get better.

This feeder is very helpfull and SUPER simple.

I am hoping this helps some others out there.

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Step 1: Step One: What Is Needed.

Solo cup: I used a 4oz solo cup, but any size will do. A solo cup is just a sauce cup from a restaurant. You may ask for one from a restaurant or buy some. I currently have two jobs one being a cook, so they come free for me.

You will also need the lid as well.

One way you may be able to snag a cup is to ask for an extra side of sauce.


Step 2: Cutting


You will want to cut a small hole on the top of the cup. You want the water to be able to drain out into the lid so that it will be above the hole but not over come the lid.

This way water will be on the rim of the cups lid. This keeps the water low to the ground so that our leopard gecko may easily reach the water.

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