Repurpose Shirt Sleeves and Glass Jars for Storage Containers

Supplies Needed:

Tall Glass Jar: Mason, Spaghetti Sauce etc.
Long Sleeve Shirt or Sweater
Extra Fabric for under color (if needed)
Hot glue gun
Glue Sticks

Step 1: Choose Your Jars and Sleeves.

• Feel free to use Mason Jars, as you will only be using hot glue which can easily be removed, should you need to use them again for canning.
• Otherwise, any clean glass jar with a wide mouth should work well.
• Make sure the sleeves of the shirt you choose will slide easily over the jars.

Step 2: Measure, Add and Secure Under Fabric

Optional: (When using loose fabric instead of sleeves or for under fabric)

For one of the jars, I chose a sweater which was loosely knitted, so it needed fabric underneath to conceal the jar. I couldn't find a shirt sleeve I liked so I used a scrap from an old dress.

·         Lay the jar on the fabric

·         Roll the jar up in the fabric about 1/2 inch longer than the jar and cut to fit. Feel free to measure if you need to.

·         The extra ½’ is to "tuck" a small amount on the bottom.

·          You want just enough to fold the fabric underneath nice and tight.

·         Too much on the bottom will be bulky and won't allow the jar to stand up straight. Now

·         Once your piece is cut, use your hot glue gun to liberally apply a wavy pattern of glue on the jar.

·         Quickly roll your glass jar up in the fabric again, aligned so the extra portion is on the bottom.

·         Trim to fit, fold the fabric at the bottom, tuck under and secure with hot glue.

·         Next simply slide the sweater sleeve over the top of the fabric covered jar, cut to fit as above.  

·         I used needle and thread to attach it to the under fabric A quick slip stitch at the top and bottom worked well.

Do not use hot glue under the sleeve, or on top of the under fabric.

*See next step for sleeve only instructions

Step 3: Slip On, Measure and Cut Off Your Sleeves

If using sleeves, the process is similar
• Slide the sleeve over the jar
• Cut to fit leaving about ½ inch at the top and bottom.
• Apply a small amount of hot glue at the top and bottom only. Don’t apply glue then try to slide your sleeve on. It will be a mess.
•  If your sleeve is already tight, you won’t need much glue anyways to keep it in place. If it is a bit larger, you can use a needle and thread to gather the edges at the top.
• Trim to fit and tuck the bottom in as above last step. Slip stitch the top and bottom to gather it if necessary.

Step 4: Add Embellishments

Once everything is tucked, tidy and trim. Apply ribbon with a thin line of glue around the outside of the mouth of the jar. Use jewels, flowers, etc. Then fill it with your paintbrushes, spatulas or spoons.

Step 5:

Step 6: Size and Cover With Under Fabric If Necessary

The sweater I chose was loosely knitted so I needed some fabric underneath. I used another old shirt, measured and cut enough fabric to cover the sides of the jar and just enough to fold into a nice tuck underneath. Use a hot glue gun to secure the fabric.



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